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The leading Italian company in the production of sauces and canned products for large retailers relies on Swisslog for the construction of a new pallet warehouse at the Parma production site, doubling the storage capacity.

La Doria was born in 1954 from an intuition of Diodato Ferraioli and since then it has been positioning itself to the market, especially abroad, as a manufacturer of branded food preserves of distribution chains (private labels). The Group currently has six production units in Italy engaged in the processing of tomato derivatives, ready-made sauces, juices and canned legumes.

The Parma plant is the subject of an important expansion by the Group which has focused on the development of the production site according to precise strategic planning.

To strengthen the growing leadership in the ready-made sauces segment, the company has decided to concentrate all its production here and to expand the production site with the construction of a new automatic warehouse for pallet handling. This important expansion work entrusted to Swisslog has allowed the new site to multiply the storage capacity of the existing warehouse, reaching a handling quota of 40 thousand pallets.

A production line at the La Doria plant in Parma

Increasingly automated logistics

The production lines in Parma went from 2 to 3 and the storage area was doubled. In terms of volumes, there are 100 tons of tomato a day, 25 tons of basil are processed here and 340 jars are produced per minute, 20 thousand / hour, 100 million in a year, for a total of more than 250 recipes and more than 800 items in 34 different jar formats.

Once the third production line is fully operational, the goal will be to produce 13 million jars a month, 160 million a year.

The new pallet warehouse integrated with the existing one will allow the handling of up to 40000 pallets. CREDIT RENDERING: The Logistics Journal

Main Benefits

  • Safety: The characteristic of the through-channel shelves implies further precautions for operators who need to access the area for maintenance or operational purposes. Swisslog has therefore implemented an innovative secure solution to maintain all international standards.
  • Energy saving: Each "transfer" is equipped with a Common DC Link energy optimization system that allows the transfer of power from the translation axis to the lifting axis and vice versa, recovering energy in some phases of the machine's working cycle and ensuring a reduction in absorption up to 20%.
  • Customization: With the planned implementation, the intralogistics system will therefore have to manage two types of pallets with different characteristics: EPAL 800x1200 "open" and CHEP 1000x1200 "closed". This heterogeneous management on the same line has led to the need to study an innovative solution for conveying and centering the pallets.

It was an undoubtedly effective partnership, in particular, the willingness to compare during the project development phase was crucial in choosing the supplier, because the new warehouse must interface with the existing one. Analyzing together, step by step, the possible critical issues and meeting each other, we came to the solution we hoped for.

Ing.Giosuè Fiore - Logistics Manager of the La Doria factory in Parma