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Hama, Germany: Multi-channel logistics with maximum flexibility

Hama supplies approximately 18,000 electronic products globally from cables and cameras to computers and household appliances via bricks-and-mortar and online stores. Challenges include fluctuating SKU count, product breadth and depth, shorter product cycles and higher return rates. Hama’s state-of-the-art automated warehouse picking,and shipping center integrates seamlessly with legacy infrastructure at its Monheim headquarters in Germany to provide the necessary speed, flexibility and efficiency for its intralogistics operation.

Automated multi-channel with maximized flexibility

To speed up the packing process, carton handling at the Hama shipping center is highly automated. In the palletizing station a robot places sequenced cartons from the shipping buffer on pallets and automatically shrink-wraps them. With SmartCarrier storage, an order line buffer, a shipping buffer, and upstream, interim, and downstream storage, as well as conveyor and shipping equipment, the center is extremely complex. In spite of the high degree of automation, the operation remains very flexible.
Multi-channel automation system

Automated and legacy systems

Hama’s integrated multi-channel facility includes two fully automated high-bay pallet warehouses, an automated carton and bin warehouse, a highly dynamic shuttle warehouse, an integrated order line buffer (OLB),and a shipping buffer.

This allows Hama to ship over 7,000 packages per day and up to 10,000 packages at peak times.

Tornado mini-load crane at Hama’s shipping buffer

People and technology work in perfect harmony to ensure a smooth material flow. On average, there are half a million Hama items en route to our customers on any given day.

Roland Handschiegel, Head of Logistics at Hama
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