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  • April '24

    Picking methods and technologies: Making sense of the strategy and technology options

    Dramatic changes in consumer demands and expectations are exposing the limits of current picking strategies. Distribution centers of all sizes are struggling to meet continually increasing throughput requirements due to process inefficiencies or inadequate systems. To further complicate matters, COVID-19 social distancing measures are hampering manual picking efforts.

    In this new white paper you will learn:

    • Different strategies you can take to address challenges and inefficiencies within your order picking process.
    • Automation technologies available and which one might be right for your situation
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  • februar '24

    Using automation to solve the challenges of retail, e-commerce and omni-channel fulfillment

    E-commerce and omni-channel fulfillment is more labor intensive, and has faster delivery expectations than traditional warehouse operations. However, labor is scarce and costly in many markets, especially during peak seasons. To overcome these challenges, retailers can lean on automation in their fulfillment processes. In this white paper, learn how goods-to-person automation solutions can help retailers handle more SKUs, meet customer expectations, avoid labor shortages and reduce fulfillment costs.

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