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maj '23

Implementing Warehouse Automation in Brownfield Sites

Today’s robotic and data-driven automation systems can minimize disruptions and improve the life and productivity of warehouse operations. In our latest white paper learn: 

  • How brownfield sites have the ability to increase storage capacity, increase throughputs, and enable more efficient approaches to palletizing and picking through implementation of warehouse automation.
  • Discover how Swisslog automation can transform any warehouse, regardless of age or other factors.
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maj '23

(E-BOOK) The E-Grocery Automation Playbook

Over the past several years, e-grocery fulfillment not only became more complex but proved to be very profitable.

In Swisslog’s new e-grocery automation playbook, read how industry leaders like H-E-B and The GIANT Company have navigated many challenges as they implemented and expanded automation fulfilment to support growth. With the right automation partner, grocers can successfully move from manual picking to automation.

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maj '23

(E-BOOK) Making AutoStore Work for You - Insights from one of the World's Leading AutoStore Integrators

AutoStore is one of the fastest growing – and most flexible – automation solutions available to warehouse operators seeking storage density and operator productivity. As the world’s first and leading integrator of AutoStore, Swisslog has developed a new e-book to provide readers a comprehensive introduction to AutoStore’s capabilities, configuration options and ownership experience.

Along with explaining how the technology works and featuring key learnings from Swisslog customers, the informative e-book will help you:

  • Determine if AutoStore is right for your business
  • Understand how software impacts performance and flexibility
  • Optimize your AutoStore configuration
  • Tailor AutoStore to your processes
  • Make the move to robotic item picking
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september '22

Meeting Unpredictability With Flexibility: E-Commerce Automation For A Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic intensified consumer behavior in many ways — and while e-commerce will continue to be essential for a retail strategy, the future success will depend on the use of robotics that allow e-commerce warehouses to efficiently respond to changing demand. 

In this new white paper, you'll learn:

  • How to use flexible robotic solutions to support rapid growth
  • How the new generation of warehouse automation solutions can deliver the speed, flexibility and efficiency
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maj '22

How To Determine Whether Your Warehouse Could Benefit From Automated Item Picking

Goods-to-person automation systems have driven significant improvements in item picking productivity. Now, robotic item picking technologies are emerging that allow warehouse operators to take the next step in increasing picking productivity.

This new white paper reviews the requirements item picking robots must meet to function effectively in warehouse applications, explores how item picking robots can complement goods-to-person automation systems, and presents a use case that maximizes the value of the current generation of robots.

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juni '21

Winning The Last Mile In The Supply Chain Race : Using Micro-Fulfillment To Synergize Online & Storefront

COVID-19 has further accelerated MFC growth, as well as presented challenges to the growth of MFCs.  Consumers are rewarded with increased choice, shorter delivery times and efficient curb-side pickup options thanks to MFCs. A more efficient order fulfillment method can be utilized – one that reduces labor and transport costs, avoids clogging retail stores with pickers, and supports higher order demand levels. 

In this White Paper you will learn:

  • How to utilize automation to maximize efficiency and profitability
  • How to synergize online and storefront using MFCs
  • The future of MFCs
  • The importance of partnering with an experienced automation provider to achieve optimal efficiency and profitability outcomes that has extensive experience with other models such as Dark Stores and Central Fulfillment Centres (CFCs).
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juni '21

Modernizing, Upgrading and Expanding Warehouse Automation: Protecting your investment and minimizing the risk of unplanned downtime

Making time for regular modernizations and upgrades can be a challenge amid daily production demands but failing to do so can leave your business exposed to unplanned downtime that creates operational disruption, lost revenue and damaged customer relationships. In this new white paper from Swisslog, you will learn: 

  • How to keep processes and operations up to speed
  • Automation modernization programs to help deliver reliability and performance
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mars '21

The Ultimate Moving Feast: Part 2

Automation technologies not only allow food and beverage companies to adapt to change, but they can provide ongoing benefits to profitability and efficiency.  Part II of this two-part series focuses on how warehouse automation can deliver the agility, adaptability and future proofing needed for food and beverage companies to not only survive, but thrive profitably in such a volatile landscape. 

Case studies of globally respected food and beverage companies are highlighted to explore how they have adopted automated systems, and are seeing strong benefits in their operations.  Find out how automation technologies can not only allow food and beverage companies to adapt to change, but they can provide ongoing benefits to profitability and efficiency.

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december '20

The Ultimate Moving Feast: Part 1

The food and beverage industry is highly susceptible to outside forces causing changes in supply, demand and choice. It’s an industry that must constantly think on its feet in order to remain competitive and profitable. There is growing pressure on food and beverage companies to constantly adapt.

This new white paper from Swisslog (part one of a two-part series) explores the changing nature of the food and beverage industry, including the impacts of COVID-19, climate change, complex manufacturing constraints and high demand uncertainty.

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juli '20

Picking Methods and Technologies: Making Sense of the Strategy and Technology Options

Dramatic changes in consumer demands and expectations are exposing the limits of current picking strategies. Distribution centers of all sizes are struggling to meet continually increasing throughput requirements due to process inefficiencies or inadequate systems. To further complicate matters, COVID-19 social distancing measures are hampering manual picking efforts.

In this new white paper you will learn:

  • Different strategies you can take to address challenges and inefficiencies within your order picking process.
  • Automation technologies available and which one might be right for your situation
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maj '20

Kaizen Paradox III – a Case Study: The COVID-19 Pandemic & its Effects on the Grocery Supply Chain

There are a number of factors that drive the adoption of automation in the warehouse. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, one of the most powerful drivers can be a crisis. It acts as a catalyst for transformation and innovation by elevating problems and providing the opportunity, motivation and resources to overcome them.

In our third white paper examining the Kaizen approach you will:

  • Understand lights-out logistics; how it came into use and how it can help supply chains become more resilient in times of great uncertainty and crisis.
  • By way of example, the paper explores the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on grocery supply chains.
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maj '20

(E-BOOK) A Guide to E-Grocery Micro-Fulfillment Strategies and Technologies

Our new e-book, “A Guide to E-Grocery Fulfillment Strategies and Technologies,” looks at how COVID-19 has become a major disruptor and is accelerating the need for automated e-grocery fulfillment. It also examines the different strategic approaches that can be taken and the flexible automation technologies and software that can be quickly deployed.

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