Vectura: Stacker crane for your sustainable pallet warehouse

Do you want to store pallets more efficiently and be more cost effective? Vectura is a multi-talented and energy efficient high bay warehouse pallet stacker crane used in more than 600 customer projects.

Movie: Scalable, flexible Vectura stacker crane for high bay warehouse automation efficiency

Efficient storage with Vectura stacker cranes

The Vectura crane is unbeatable in every dimension.

It performs equally well in temperatures as low as -30°C in a frozen food warehouse or in ambient environments as high as +50°C. Depending on the storage density and throughput requirements of your warehouse, it can handle one, two or more loads in single, double, triple and multi-deep layouts.

In high buildings and where land space is limited, Vectura cranes operate at heights up to 50 meters. They are also capable of handling large and unusual loads from car bodies to boats. The multi-talented Vectura pallet crane delivers everything needed in a high bay warehouse. Designed in Sweden, Vectura brings together the best engineering and pallet stacking knowhow in the industry.

  • Sustainable

    Up to 20% lower energy consumption compared to traditional cranes, thanks to innovative mast design and lighter crane weight.

  • Plug&Play

    All Vectura pallet cranes are assembled and tested before shipping. This ensures a minimum time for installation and commissioning on site.

  • Reliable

    Low crane weight compared to traditional cranes means less wear and tear, while high quality production reduces maintenance and service costs.

What makes Swisslog’s Vectura stacker crane so unique?

  • Vectura is pretested and shipped in modules which are easily assembled on–site. That means that the roof of the warehouse doesn’t need to be removed. This ensures a rapid installation and minimal risk of disruption to existing operations. One crane can be assembled in one day. 
  • Swisslog production technology uses automated welding robots and submerged powder welds that increase the life span of welds for optimum long-term performance.
  • All chassis undergo heat treatment after welding, which removes stress from the material. This reduces the pressure and ensures a longer lifetime. 
  • Unique mast design enables low weight, which dramatically reduces energy consumption of up to 20% compared to other pallet cranes.
  • Power Module for lift and horizontal movements benefits from regenerative energy from one drive directly to the other. This means that the crane uses its movements to generate more energy.  
  • Vectura can be configured to provide regenerative braking energy that can be used to power freezers and other energy-consuming warehouse equipment. An optional power unit supplies excess energy back to the main power supply system. This means that vectura can use the generated energy for other devices.
  • Flexible software module for smart integration into your existing IT infrastructure and optimal material flow.

Imagine if you could reduce energy consumption in your pallet warehouse by 25%? That is exactly what Varner did!

We were looking for a scalable, cost efficient, ergonomic and green solution

Anders Eriksson, Head of Logistics at Varner Retail AB