Mini load ASRS for your light goods logistics

A dynamic, space-saving and flexible solution for the small parts storage in light goods logistics: whether in bins, boxes or containers, the automatic mini load ASRS system is designed for the efficient storage of small and medium-sized items with high throughput.

Swisslog's Tornado miniload ASRS crane

Mini load ASRS: a future-proof investment

By making full use of storage space in terms of both height and depth, the classic mini load system offers efficient, resource-saving material flows for individual loads of up to approximately 250 kilograms.

Highly scalable, it allows for changes in and growth of the intralogistics system and makes the automated mini load warehouse a future-proof investment for every customer.

Get the most out of your mini load system

Swisslog offers you the right technologies & mini load warehouse designs for your business.

  • Flexible

    Our modular and scalable systems grow with you - perfect for companies operating in a dynamic market environment.

  • Expertise

    We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of automated mini load systems.

  • Smart software integration

    Optimize your staff planning at picking stations or schedule maintenance in advance with our All-In-One software solution.

  • Cost and space savings

    We help you to fully exploit the automation potential of your mini load ASRS and save resources and cost.

Highly flexible automated mini load warehouses

In the environment of robotics, digitalization and individualization, performance in mini load ASRS is more important than ever, especially in e-commerce, retail or multi-channel sectors. Choosing the right automation solution depends on several factors:

  • Shape, size and height of the warehouse
  • Number of different products in the warehouse
  • Number of products to be stored and retrieved
  • Number of products stored and retrieved per week, day or hour


E-commerce, food & beverage and pharmaceutical companies have very different, often specific needs. Swisslog's small parts storage and picking solutions are flexible, scalable and cost-effective - tailored to your specific needs so you can focus on your core business without having to worry.

SynQ WMS for the handling of boxes, bins, trays and small parts in a mini load
SynQ's pre-configured modules provide all the standard functionalities for seamless warehouse automation

Minimize risk in your mini load ASRS with modular software

Our SynQ Directors are pre-configured and pre-tested cloud-enabled software packages that quickly pay for themselves in your mini load system. Whether you choose a mini load warehouse with or without an integrated picking station, our software standard modules maximize the performance of modern material handling systems and guarantee seamless integration into your existing process environment. In a smart, fast and cost-effective way, SynQ synchronizes machines, people and processes.

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Our four systems for your small parts storage: