Gain visibility in your operations and transform big data into smart data. Intelligent services provide add-on analytics and business intelligence services. Our digital services include new tools like Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Continuously improving warehouse performance

Continously improve warehouse performance with Swisslog’s Industry 4.0 Intelligent Services based on SynQ software. Make informed step-by-step implementation of improvements. Lower maintenance and repair costs thanks to intelligent proactive action and our Customer Service offerings.

Intelligent Services also include services provided by our data scientists. These highly skilled experts provide the insights you need to optimize your business processes.

The Cockpit Manager, Event Manager and Availability Manager monitor, analyze and inform for operational excellence. Pre-configured plug-ins extend the scope of our offerings, such as Inventory Statistics or Condition Monitoring for the Cockpit Manager. 

Based on our evaluation of the relevant data, our consultants advise you on strategies to migrate your business to an Industry 4.0 solution with our SynQ warehouse management system.

3D Visualization
SynQ Cockpit provides 3D visualization of the entire intralogistics operation

Digital shadow with Cockpit 3D visualization and virtual reality

The SynQ Cockpit Manager uses big data to visualize your operations in 3D and real-time. It gives you a complete digital shadow of your warehouse and how it is operating. In the future you can also simulate current and future warehouse performance and identify any over or under utilization.

It is a dynamic planning tool for controlling workflows and management reporting. Use it to identify and eliminate disturbances and shortages with the SynQ Availability Manager. Evaluate team operation and individual employee performance with specific metrics to optimize the efficiency of your warehouse operation and to reduce downtime.

Movie: See how the Swisslog VR replicates a picking station

Virtual Reality for better more efficient staff training

Swisslog is currently developing a SynQ Virtual Reality (VR) Training Manager which allows end users and trainers to learn and enhance picking process skills in a virtual environment at SynQ CarryPick workstations. The continued development of this unique training program based specifically on your configured warehouse processes replicates workstation picking in a VR environment. This enables both regular retraining of staff for continuous improvement of warehouse picking without impacting on live operations in a busy warehouse, as well as speeding up onboarding and training of new staff.


Virtual Reality visualizes and simulates automated logistic processes

What if you could see your system in action before you build it?

The Virtual Reality VR world creates completely new opportunities:

  • Visualize your warehouse and train your operators before it is built.

  • See how your operations are running now, in the past, or will in the future.

  • Use it for prototyping & ergonomic testing.

Business Intelligence for intralogistic operational overview

Smart analytics: What could your business achieve with 99.9% system availability?

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring continuously monitors the condition of your intralogistics system and immediately alerts when a potentially critical condition is developing. Condition monitoring improves your maintenance planning, and lowers cost of operation. It also reduces your operational and financial risks by minimizing potential downtime.

Availability Manager

Availability Manager enables you to see system availability at a glance. It calculates system availability across different flows, such as picking or inbound. 

Event Manager

Event Manager is an intelligent way to give you fast and automatic troubleshooting alerts. Detect events early on, or even before they occur. It reliably uncovers the causes of disruptions and bottlenecks and automatically initiates proactive measures to optimize workflows in your warehouse. Do you want to receive a proactive SMS or e-mail notification before it gets critical? No problem, you can tailor it to your needs.

Our Industry 4.0 applications are linked together and form the base for developing even more smart applications including predictive maintenance and labor management. Moreover, they enable new, performance-based business models.

Our smart glasses RemoteAssistance service concept for fast response

Quick and cost-effective: Swisslog Customer Service can help with Augmented Reality

Explore our innovative augmented reality customer service and maintenance remote support in the world of Industry 4.0 and big data. Our service teams support customers wherever they are in the world using remote augmented reality services. This means quick response without lengthy travel time. In the future we also offer augmented reality training for new employees to learn maintenance and other processes.

We also have prototypes to support your staff with pick-by-glass solutions.