Automated pallet warehouse: proven for medium to heavy loads

An efficient solution for heavy and bulky goods that need to be stored quickly, safely and with optimum use of space. Automated pallet warehousing can be used more universally than any other storage technology.

Automated pallet warehouse: the storage technology all-rounder

Whether in deep-freeze environments down to -30 °C or at normal temperatures up to plus 45 °C, whether as a flat, high-flat or high-bay warehouse from around six up to a maximum of 45 meters in height, whether a built-in or silo warehouse, with single- or multiple-deep storage locations: the automated pallet warehouse is the all-rounder among automated storage technologies.

Advantages for your automated pallet warehouse

Swisslog offers you the right technologies & designs for your business. our automated pallet warehousese offer space for goods up to a total weight of 3,500 kilograms per load carrier and impresses with a high degree of space utilization thanks to its compressed design. Operated with automatic storage and retrieval machines (SRM) or with shuttles, automated pallet warehousing delivers fast, safe, and resource-efficient material flows.

  • Customized

    Benefit from a bespoke automated pallet warehouse solution that is precisely tailored to your needs.

  • Expertise

    We have more than 40 years’ experience in the design and implementation of automated pallet warehouses.

  • Smart software integration

    Our high-performance software offers an All-in-one solution for your warehouse management. Optimize personnel deployment at pick stations and plan maintenance in advance.

  • Cost & space savings

    We help you to fully exploit the automation potential of a pallet warehouse while saving costs and resources.

We take a number of important factors into account when choosing the right automation solution for your pallet logistics:

  • Shape, size and height of your pallet warehouse
  • Number of products in your warehouse
  • Type of products in your warehouse
  • Number of pallets to be stored and retrieved per week, day or hour

Webinar spotlight: Automated pallet warehouse in the F&B industry

Automated pallet warehouses have proven their worth in almost every sector, including the food and beverage industry. Security of supply is particularly important in meeting the latest legal requirements and consumer trends. Trends towards organic goods and convenience products are just as much a part of this as demand for the traceability of products from fark to fork.

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SynQ Pallet Director for smooth operation of high-bay pallet warehouses

Modular and expandable software intelligently synchronizes your warehouse processes

SynQ Pallet Director is our pre-configured and pre-tested cloud-enabled software package that quickly pays for itself in your warehouse. It maximizes the performance of modern material handling systems and guarantees seamless integration into your existing process environment. You benefit from a proven solution - your automated pallet warehouse is networked in a smart, fast and cost-effective way so you can align your processes.

>  SynQ Software Platform

2 basic systems for your automated pallet warehouse: