IT Managed Services: Trust Swisslog technology to the experts at Swisslog

Swisslog experts are ready to manage the systems and software your equipment relies on.

Swisslog has a Managed Service offering tailored to your needs.

Expert Support 24x7

Maintaining a dynamic software platform can be challenging for many organizations. It also diverts your internal resources from strategic initiatives. With Swisslog IT Managed Services our experts proactively manage the IT systems and software required to keep your equipment running at peak performance. 

With services ranging from patch management to complete "blackbox" infrastructure management with disaster recovery consulting, you can tailor Managed Services to your business needs and internal resources.

Your benefits with Swisslog IT Managed Services

  • Free up internal resources from routine system administration

  • Proven high-availability solutions avoid unplanned downtime due to IT failures

  • Identify and resolve operational issues causing software errors

  • Gain 24x7 access to Swisslog expertise

Five Levels of Support

Whether you just need support keeping your software up-to-date or are looking to fully outsource management of your systems, Swisslog has a Managed Service offering tailored to your needs:

  • Standard: Remote delivery of WMS patches to customer QA servers for testing and assistance with deployment of patches into production.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Adds 24x7 monitoring and response for database, application and server incidents and quarterly database health checks. Offline monitoring solutions are also available.
  • Server Management: Includes remote patch installation, all Proactive Monitoring services plus management and tuning of servers to ensure optimal software performance.
  • Blackbox Infrastructure Management: All Server Management services plus Swisslog provided turnkey Platform as a Service hardware solution; virtual infrastructure monitoring; full warranty support; local network administration and firewall management.
  • Blackbox for Continuity: All Blackbox Infrastructure Management services plus disaster recovery consulting.

The move to managed services has revolutionized our relationship. We went from a very low success rate on first-pass patch installs to almost 100% success. That’s a big deal by itself, but it was just the beginning.

Lead Product Owner from a leading US Retailer
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