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Fast-growing retail chain Rusta is expanding with Swisslog

Fast-growing retail chain Rusta has decided to expand its central warehouse in Norrköping, Sweden together with Swisslog. The expansion means that the existing warehouse of 120,000 square meters will be expanded with an additional 8,000 square meters of warehouse space.

“For several years we have had a plan for how we are going to meet our continued growth with an increased storage capacity. With the current expansion, we can handle our continued growth for a few more years. We are now analyzing how we can meet the need for future storage capacity thereafter,” says Magnus Hallin, Logistics Manager at Rusta.

The decided expansion takes place earlier than originally planned and consists of, among other things, eight high-bay cranes in the automated pallet warehouse and additional storage areas for freestanding goods. Rusta has had a strong growth rate for several years, while the retail trade is otherwise experiencing a stagnation. At present, Rusta has 91 department stores in Sweden, 28 in Norway and 2 in Germany, and last year they acquired a further 24 department stores for Hong Kong, a Finnish retailer. In 2019, the chain will open another 12 department stores. In principle, all goods, to all markets, will be handled in the central warehouse in Norrköping for the foreseeable future.

“We have had a very good cooperation with Swisslog and their competent project management, ever since 2014 when we built the first stage of the central warehouse. We know each other well and have had a very good and trusting partnership since the start,” says Magnus Hallin.

Swisslog is the integrator of Rusta’s new automated facility. The delivery includes 57,000 pallet locations served by 8 Vectura high-bay cranes and an accompanying ProMove conveyor system. Also included is an upgrade of the SynQ software and an extension of service and support agreements. As a result, the facility will consist of just over 120,000 pallet locations, 17 Vectura high-bay cranes and an expanded conveyor system, both for goods reception and unloading, which gives Rusta a better ability to handle larger flows with good redundancy.

Construction is planned to start in autumn 2019 and the expanded part of the plant is expected to be put into operation in the spring of 2020.

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