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Picking & palletizing solutions that minimize costs

Swisslog’s picking and palletizing solutions are based on proven technology and operational principles. They are customized to meet each customer’s specific needs and designed to adapt to ever-changing requirements.

Flexible picking and palletizing for maximum efficiency

Picking and palletizing make up to 60% of warehouse operational costs. New technologies are changing boundaries all the time and with robots being able to take over more and more tasks from operators, it is possible to increase throughput in goods-to-person (GTP) picking, for example.

Swisslog always selects the most effective solution for the unique needs of your business with the best price-performance ratio, transparent processes, and greatest flexibility. This allows you to respond to changing business conditions, adjust capacity and increase throughput as needed.

Reduce costs and increase productivity with picking and palletizing solutions from Swisslog

  • Futureproof


    Benefit from leading robot based picking & palletizing technology developed by robotics & logistics experts KUKA and Swisslog.
  • Expertise

    Safe & ergonomic

    We provide picking stations that are safe and ergonomic to satisfy employees and improve efficiency. 
  • Smart software

    Smart software integration

    Leverage operational data for continuous improvement with our integrated Warehouse Management System SynQ.
  • Customization

    Tailored solution

    A wide range of picking and palletizing methods gives you the chance to choose the most efficient.

Our experts will always help you select the optimal picking or palletizing method for your business.

Besides the number of orderlines and the number of products, many other aspects can influence the solution. This includes family grouping, delivery times, ABC-curves and product size, just to name a few.

In addition to that, there are multiple picking technologies in which Swisslog has many years of experience.

  • Pick-by-Voice
  • Pick-by-Light
  • Pick-by-RF terminals


In addition, Swisslog is developing innovative picking solutions like HoloPick - a HoloLens-based picking method.

WMS Warehouse Management Software SynQ
Swisslog’s preconfigured Software modules save you time and costs.

Optimize your picking process with the right software 

With our preconfigured and pre-tested cloud-enabled software solutions from SynQ, you can make the difference in your warehouse. With them you are able to connect your picking & palletizing process to the rest of the warehouse to maximize your material flow performance. Our intuitive picking-screens with state of the art design will help your operators pick efficiently and accurately, without the need for long training.

>  Learn more about SynQ.