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ProMove: Efficient and fully automated pallet conveyor

Are you planning a pallet warehouse that needs high throughput and a fully automated pallet conveyor system? ProMove is a multifunctional conveyor system for energy efficient transportation of pallets with both light and heavy loads.

Dynamic conveyors for greater warehouse efficiency

With its flexible design, the ProMove pallet conveyor can be configured to meet a wide range of requirements for automated pallet transportation.

It can be used in temperatures from -30°C to 50° C.

ProMove conveyors can carry loads up to 1,500 kg, and up to a total of 4,500kg with three loads on one longer element. This means that fewer elements need to be used to build a system, and fewer elements mean less investment cost and less maintenance.

Movie: Rusta uses the ProMove pallet conveyor system in its distribution center

ProMove is highly reliable due to its rigid, design and the gentle load handling is made possible by the use of its compact starter conceptPossible configurations include a high capacity conveyor system to feed an automated pallet warehouse.

ProMove is delivered as a complete set of assembled elements. Sensors and motors are pre-wired and each element is pre-tested for fast installation and commissioning.

  • Minimized downtime

    Minimized downtime

    Each conveyor element uses a drive technique that ramps speed up and down to help keep loads stable. It also optimizes energy consumption, reduces wear and prolongs the service life of the transporter.

  • Sustainable

    Energy efficient

    The system uses high efficiency motors with adjustable speed. The motors only run as long as needed to transport a pallet onto and off conveyor.

  • Plug and play

    Plug & Play

    ProMove can be installed in record time thanks to factory pre-commissioning: All sensors are mounted in the right position and connected before delivery.


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What makes Swisslog’s ProMove so unique?

  • Compact conveyors with reduced energy consumption and configurations adaptable to your warehousing needs.
  • Compact design fits into tight layouts. High strength thanks to the structure of the conveyor sides.
  • Ability to adapt system elements for specific projects.
  • High efficiency motors (Standard SS-EN 60034-30-1) with adjustable speed.
  • Motor sizes are adapted to each project to suit the actual load weight, friction and required throughput. 
  • Unique drive technique that ramps speed up and down to help keep loads stable. This technology also optimizes energy consumption, reduces wear and prolongs the service life of the transporter.
  • Rigid construction allows long distance between legs for easy cleaning of floors.
  • Flexible software module for a smart integration and optimal material flow. 

What if you could increase throughput and reduce costs at the same time? That is exactly what Rusta did using ProMove

Magnus Hallin, Logistics Manager, Rusta

Together with Swisslog we are creating an efficient supply chain designed for the future.

Magnus Hallin, Logistics Manager, Rusta

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