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CaddyPick®: Semi-automated case order picking solution

Do you need an efficient and reliable picking system for store-friendly pallets or roll cages? CaddyPick is a semi-automated monorail picking solution that transports store-specific order units through aisles for error-free picking and order fulfillment.

Movie: Fast and efficient palletizing in Home Bargains automated distribution centers with CaddyPick

Faster than manual picking solutions

CaddyPick is a semi-automated order picking of mixed case pallets or roll cages applicable in ambient temperature and chilled warehouse zones. CaddyPick is a mixture between a person-to-good and a zone-to-zone picking solution with monorail vehicles – the Caddy  transporting the order unit (pallet or roll cage). The Caddy moves through the picking aisles automatically.

The operator screens are intuitive and easy to use. The weighing system on each Caddy ensures high reliability picking. It checks whether the weight of the picked goods correspond to the weight of the ordered goods on the screen. The order is acknowledged automatically.

The caddy is also capable of storing empty pallets and packing material. Automated stations remove the waste material before the CaddyPick moves to the next order, making it possible to keep your warehouse clean at all times. Full pallet orders are automatically transported to the dispatch area.

It is configured using modules and scalable for small, mid-size and large distribution centers handling up to 300,000 cases per day. Typically used in the retail industry, it also provides for efficient picking, in general, for warehouses with high picking densities.

  • Flexible


    Scalable design to grow as your business grows.

  • Minimized footprint

    Compact space

    CaddyPick optimizes the Warehouse space through integrated storage and picking areas.

  • Reliability


    Reduced warehouse labor costs due to automated replenishment, reduced picking failures and overall management.

Why use Swisslog’s CaddyPick semi-automated case order-picking?

  • Streamlined and more efficient processes due to automated hauling, putaway and replenishment function.
  • Significant improvement of order filler performance due to automating the order start and order finish functions.
  • Team approach to the picking function also increases system performance.
  • Error-free picking through weight monitoring and easy pick dialogues on the pick displays.
  • Quiet working environment in a palletjack-free working environment.
  • Caddy vehicles can travel to any of all pick slots without losing pick efficiency.
  • Safe picking environment: Security sensors on each vehicle cause less accidents than with manual fork lift trucks.

CaddyPick semi-automated picking process improves performance and reduces picking costs

CaddyPick is a semi automated picking solution for store-friendly pallet and roll cages. Error free order fulfillment thanks to a intelligent process.

What if you could reduce your labor costs and increase your picking throughput with less errors? That is exactly what TJ Morris did with CaddyPick®.

Joe Morris, Operations Director at TJ Morris

Swisslog’s innovative solution design convinced us. It was the decisive factor for us to engage Swisslog for this important growth project.

Joe Morris, Operations Director at TJ Morris / Home Bargains