Automated guided vehicles AGV: The mobile solution of the future

Swisslog has been implementing customized AGV solutions for more than 45 years. Automated guided vehicles are significantly more flexible than fixed installations, and are also demonstrably lower cost above a certain layout size.

AGV: The flexible alternative to fixed installations

Working with our AGV suppliers, we find the best automated guided vehicle solutions for your enterprise, whether it is a standard forklift, a side forklift, a counterbalanced forklift, or a straddle AGV. We implement all types of vehicle, whether using a conveyor table or a platform vehicle. We can also integrate different types of AGV into the same layout.

6 navigation types (source: Swisslog technology partner Kollmorgan)

From many different types of AGV navigation, we select the most suitable for you. Natural navigation can completely avoid using any type of guidance, with vehicles simply using natural objects like walls and pillars instead.

For the highest precision, the best choice is laser navigation with reflectors or magnets in the floor. 

Solutions designs for Automated Guided Vehicles

The following factors are considered when designing an AGV solution:

  • Material flow
  • Size of layout
  • Spatial requirements in the layout
  • Vehicle speed
  • Charging cycles
  • Door with transfer to AGV

  • Interface to high bay warehouse with AGV

  • 3 loading stations for automated guided vehicles

  • AGV driveways

  • Production line 1 with pallet wrapper and AGV pick-up

  • Production line 2 with AGV drop-off

  • Goods loading station for shipping

  • Goods receiving with pallet placement on conveyor 

Your benefits with AGVs from Swisslog

  • Customized

    Benefit from an bespoke transport solution, tailored precisely to your needs.

  • Flexible

    Extend your AGV system by changing the layout or adding vehicles.

  • Sustainable

    We keep your AGV system in good order with retrofits, upgrades and maintenance thanks to excellent support.

Imagine if you could increase throughput and stay flexible? That’s exactly what AMAG did! 

Together with Swisslog we created a distribution center that is perfectly equipped for future challenges. We can handle order throughput times of only 1 hour even with higher volumes

Heinrich Maurer, Head of Logistics Services, AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG
Pharmaceutical site from KRKA in Slovania with an AGV from Swisslog

Focus: Automated guided vehicles in the pharma industry

Automated guided vehicles can be used in many different applications, not least the pharmaceutical industry. High system availability, traceability of goods and shipments and «easy-to-clean» vehicles are all key requirements in the pharma sector. 

To ensure GMP compliance, we design and realize AGV systems with special process requirements. Goods can be traced via barcodes or RFID. Quality control error handling ensures that any NOK goods are picked out. 

AGV real time visualization with technology partner

Our longstanding partnership with technology partner Kollmorgen is key to our success in the AGV sector. Kollmorgen offers guaranteed spare parts availability for all the most important components as well as useful tools for diagnosis and analysis. We can quickly detect any irregularities in the system to ensure optimized operation. 

Cway realtime visualization gives you complete control over the system at any time; you can see the position and the status of every vehicle. An event log records all transports and load exchanges. With CWay you have the option to create different users and user groups and to grant access to the system according to authority level.