CarryPick: Flexible and modular storage and order picking system

Do you want your business to grow without having to make any constructional changes to your building? CarryPick is a modular and flexible agv-based storage and order picking system ideal for forward thinking companies.

Movie: Swisslog CarryPick mobile storage and picking system

The CarryPick storage and order picking system adapts to changing customer demands

CarryPick is an innovative automated storage and picking system designed for multi-channel intralogistics. A swarm of mobile vehicles (KMP600), developed by Swisslog and KUKA, navigates via a grid to deliver mobile racks to workstations for picking and reducing the travel path for workers.

The workstations are safe and configurable to your requirements. They also reduce the picking error rate thanks to pick-by-light and pick pointer. Users benefit from an intuitive workstation interface making it easy to use and ensuring smooth processes.

Swisslog introduces next generation of its CarryPick goods-to-person solution with faster mobile robots to increase performance

Each vehicle can step in for another and do its job. The system remains operational even with a reduced fleet. Goods can also be picked manually, if necessary.

React quickly to changes of goods range. The standard mobile racks can be customized for different sized and shaped articles. This is especially suitable for the fashion industry where clothes require hangers. Warehouse building requirements are also very modest. Thanks to the simplicity of its components, the system can easily be moved to another location. This also means the system can be installed in urban areas where builings have mostly low ceilings.

Start small and expand flexibly in line with your performance and growing volumes by adding more vehicles. Project implementation and employee training is accomplished very quickly. Complete installation takes less than 6 months.

  • Safe and intuitive

    Certified safety system ensures a safe working environment for your workers with intuitive and ergonomic work stations for easy and error free operation.

  • Manage peak times

    Smart software algorithms bring as many products as possible to a work station in the shortest time to increase pick performance. 

  • Flexible financing

    Reduce your investment risk by choosing from different financing models such as leasing, renting or pay-by-pick 

What makes Swisslog’s CarryPick system unique? 

  • Smart software solutions with improved algorithms to optimize the way items are allocated for storage and picking.
  • Integrated into Swisslog’s Software SynQ. In addition to the core processes you get access to analytical tools. These will help you to better evaluate and make smart decisions in your warehouse.
  • Our certified safety system ensures a safe working environment for your employees. 
  • Intuitive and ergonomic work stations ensure easy and error-free operation with touch screens and pick- and put-to-light.
  • Perfect for those starting an online, retail or omnichannel business: CarryPick can also be financed via leasing, renting or pay-by-pick to reduce your investment risk