SynQ: Modular warehouse management system for optimized logistics processes

Do you need a future-ready software solution that smoothly integrates with your Warehouse? Swisslog’s WMS SynQ covers the full spectrum of your organization’s supply chain needs to optimize your warehouse operation in the era of Industry 4.0.

SynQ Warehouse Management System in a simple animation

Warehouse Management System WMS to stay ahead of your competition

Software is at the heart of every warehouse. Having software that helps to boost the efficiency and productivity of warehouse processes and adapt to changing market requirements is essential to keep your warehouse future ready. SynQ is a warehouse management system powered by Swisslog that stands for synchronized intelligence. It is the smart conductor of the orchestra that synchronizes people, process and machines for efficient operations.

What SynQ WMS offers in a nutshell

  • 100+ years industry knowhow with 500+ software experts worldwide. 400+ references worldwide
  • WES, WMS, WCS and ACS functionality
  • Integration and control of simple solutions like AutoStore or highly complex automated systems
  • Standard interface to any ERP System
  • One single platform using proven industry specific processes for the warehouse (e.g. e-commerce/retail, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Virtual Commissioning tools
  • Cloud based services
  • Business Intelligence tools with simple dashboards for KPI tracking
  • Simple intuitive and web-browser based interfaces showing processes and workflow.
  • SynQ lifetime support - 24/7 support 
  • Regular releases to stay updated
Warehouse Management Systems cover the full spectrum auf warehouse processes

The benefits of the Warehouse Management Software SynQ

  • Flexible solutions

    We provide you with the required logistics modules (WMS, MFS, WCS) and proven interfaces for superior systems (ERP, Shop, etc.).

  • Easy to use

    Our unique user experience helps you to maximize your picking performance and process quality.

  • Real time monitoring

    We help you to make smart real-time decisions by visualizing your warehouse data in a clear and simple way.

Explore the SynQ Warehouse Management System

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