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SynQ: Modular warehouse management system for optimized logistics processes

Do you need a future-ready software solution that smoothly integrates with your Warehouse? Swisslog’s WMS SynQ covers the full spectrum of your organization’s supply chain needs to optimize your warehouse operation in the era of Industry 4.0.

Stay ahead of your competition with a smart WMS

SynQ stands for Synchronized Intelligence and is a modular, service-oriented software platform for warehouse management and material flow orchestration. SynQ gives you the precise functionality you need to optimize your warehouse operations. It literally embeds intelligence in the operation and synchronizes the performance of your automated and manual warehouse equipment in the best possible way. It encompasses warehouse management (WMS), material flow (MFC/WCS), and automation control systems (ACS) functionality, along with an array of business intelligence tools to boost your warehouse performance. SynQ will help your company to embrace the era of digitalization and stay ahead of your competition.

SynQ Warehouse Management System in a simple animation

SynQ offers a wide spectrum of services for your peace of mind – explore by clicking on the dots

  • Business Intelligence

    Our business intelligence offering consists of so called “Manager” apps for performance optimization and forecasting. They help to capture and visualize additional data produced by your warehouse. These apps are WMS independent and are already included in our SynQ Directors packages. 

    > Event Manager

    > Cockpit Manager 

    > Print Manager

    > Availability Manager


    Additional Plug-ins

    Manager apps can be extended by preconfigured plug-ins such as Inventory Statistics or Condition Monitoring. Plug-ins provide quick visibility into your operations through smart data aggregations  and appropriate visualization, all without the need for IT experts or custom programming.

  • Flexible IT

    SynQ offers multiple deployment options to fit into your existing IT Infrastructure. SynQ can be installed locally or anywhere in the cloud. It is deployable on Windows or Linux operating systems and supports multiple database systems. Fully Web-browser based clients running on devices like smartphones or tablets give you further flexibility

  • 3D Visualizer

    SynQ comes with an intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface for visualizing and controlling all warehouse operations and machines. It is available on multiple devices with ergonomic screens for mobile handhelds, truck-mounted devices, goods-to-person workstation touch operations, control room and back office applications. In addition, it offers real-time system visualization in 3D for automated warehouse equipment. 

  • Automotive

    Our modular yet standardized software meets the key requirements for the Automotive industry, with functionalities such as inventory management and material flow control between the warehouse and the production lines.

  • Project Management & Consulting

    Our IT and logistics process consultants and business analysts are industry domain experts in your segment. Swisslog has a long, successful track record of software project and integration management for complex systems

  • Pharma

    Our modular yet standardized software meets the industry specific requirements for pharmaceutical production, warehousing and distribution logistics, with functionalities such as tracking, monitoring and inspection/quality assurance.

  • Food & Beverage

    Our modular yet standardized software meets the key requirements for the Food & Beverage industry, with funcionalities such as shelf life and batch/lot controlling.

  • Retail & E-commerce

    Our modular yet standardized software meets the key requirements for both pure e-commerce platforms and retail chains, with funcionalities such as returns handling, promotions and other value add services.


  • Data Science

    Beyond the Business Intelligence tools, we also offer support from our IT consultants, engineers and data experts to improve your processes. They will help you to identify key data (KPIs), suggests improvements and enable the system to learn by itself.

  • Lifetime Customer Service

    In addition to our software delivery, we offer lifetime services for your productive systems, everywhere at any time. We provide remote or on-site support worldwide 24/7 based on service license agreements (SLAs) you define and offer consultancy on migration strategies, security update and upgrade services.

  • Augmented & virtual reality

    SynQ adopts the advantages of virtual and augmented reality tools. With a realistic visualization of your future warehouse you will be able to train your staff and technicians in their future environment before the warehouse is built. Augmented reality devices like the HoloLens will allow you to pick without need for pick-to-light hardware or to get remote assistance for field technicians. Learn more about the advantages of VR and AR.

  • Quality

    SynQ releases are based on world-class testing and quality management procedures. Our development strategy strives to ensure highest quality standards to offer you reliable operation and continuity of your business in a constantly changing market. SynQ is designed and architected to grow as your business grows.


    SynQ is a full-spectrum warehouse management and warehouse execution system that is deployed on a modular basis so you get precisely the functionality your operations need. It can scale down to a material flow control system (WCS) only or a purely manual warehouse system which can be extended into a fully automated environment at any time.

  • Automation

    Swisslog’s comprehensive automation concept defines a clear standard of interaction between the real-time controls and the software layer. This allows own and 3rd party material handling equipment to collaborate at their maximum performance. Our set standards play a key role in the emerging world of Industry 4.0 as it is the enabler for all integrated subsystems to collaborate smartly.

  • System integration

    SynQ is designed for seamless integration of 3rd party systems at any layer. It offers interfaces to ERP and other WMS and WCS systems to integrate seamlessly to your process landscape. These standard interfaces help to reduce costs and realization efforts of your overall software landscape. 

  • Insight

    From information to intelligence – use data intelligently to analyze and optimize your warehouse.
  • Agility

    Make your operation ready for the future and stay flexible with your IT solutions.

  • Orchestration

    Orchestrate your intralogistics processes to your needs and keep your peak performance when needed.

SynQ software adapts to your business needs in a modular way

Swisslog’s warehouse management system SynQ enables insights, optimization and agility for your operation so that you can deliver on your promises to your customers in the smartest way possible. Your advantages at a glance:

  • Various deployment and integration options.
  • With 130+ installed base SynQ customers, we provide an extremely field-proven platform.
  • SynQ is used worldwide, backed by the industry’s largest support organization – 24/7.
  • We have a long track record of integration management for complex systems.
  • SynQ is a future-proof key product of the KUKA group and is being continually developed further – especially in Industry 4.0 areas.
  • SynQ comes with a comprehensive automation concept including a standard interface offering efficient integration to 3rd party ERP systems, such as proprietary or 3rd party WMS or WCS components, or any type of Swisslog/KUKA or 3rd party automation equipment.
  • User friendly: SynQ comes with integrated user interfaces, for all your shop floor operations, monitoring of the entire site as well as administrative tasks. This includes the visualization of your entire plant in 3D, VR and AR.

Imagine if you could improve efficiency at the click of a mouse? That is exactly what Alnatura did!

We rate the digital competence of the Swisslog/KUKA group very high. KUKA bringing in its robotics expertise into the warehouse is a true enrichment for our intralogistics.

Matthias Lindner, Deputy Head of Logistics, Alnatura

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