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Whether semi- or fully-automated, single or two-stage, Swisslog's picking systems ensure efficient and accurate order fulfillment. They facilitate and minimize all manual processes including walking distances for picking personnel.

High demand picking systems

Whether for B2B, retail/e-commerce, branch store delivery or just-in-time manufacturing, the requirements for fast and secure picking of goods or production materials have steadily increased over the years. They all require high-performance logistics processes.

Swisslog offers a comprehensive portfolio of order picking systems. We design warehouse order processing to be effective, flexible, scalable and at the same time resource-saving. We differentiate between person-to-goods and goods-to-person systems. Goods-to-person systems are the solution of choice when high performance and maximum productivity are required.

Ergonomic goods-to-person picking systems

Goods-to-person picking is also characterized by maximum reliability - error rates tend towards zero - and by being very employee-friendly. The fact that order pickers no longer walk through the warehouse, but instead the goods come to them, saves long, tiring journeys. User-friendly workstations also prevent order pickers from having to lift heavy items or bend over a lot.

The right picking system for your order processing