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Technical Support: Count on a rapid response

Our expert teams deliver prompt and efficient levels of support around the clock so you can have confidence in your warehouse and logistics solutions, no matter what.

Our Global Help Desk team delivers the right support 24/7.

Global Help Desk support

Our experienced support team can correctly identify malfunctions from the outset and assign them to the correct department. Operating 24/7, our service desk rapidly delivers the right support.

Your Benefits:

Guaranteed response times

Advice from the right expert

Quick return to normal operation

Escalation management

Documentation of malfunctions

For hospitals, pharmacies, tube & medication systems

For logistic, warehouse & distribution centers

Our support – Your confidence

  • 99.97% call answer rate within 30 seconds

  • 160+ Systems engineers supporting 24/7

  • 350+ Customer warehouse solutions across the globe

  • 17 seconds Global Incident response time

Swisslog remote support helps you return to efficient operation.

Remote support

If errors or emergencies do happen, you can count on our 24/7 support to provide rapid response and resolution to return you to efficient operation.

Your Benefits:

24/7 software support over a secure VPN connection

Proactive intervention thanks to comprehensive application monitoring

Reduced risk of unscheduled downtimes

Maximization of delivery reliability

Movie: Our service technicians support through the eyes of on-site personnel.

Support with the aid of augmented reality

Swisslog RemoteAssistance: Our service technicians can support you with the aid of augmented reality glasses - an innovative solution in the service area. Using Smart Glasses or any other video sharing device, service engineers in a centralized service center can connect with your on-site engineers, performing diagnostics and troubleshooting through the eyes of on-site personnel.

We’re also conducting research on using HoloLens to guide and direct pickers, provide real-time views of sensors and actuators for maintenance staff, and to augment training programs. 

The cooperation with Swisslog is excellent! They are perceived as serious, punctual and skilled. Their service technicians are extremely capable, and we always get fast response and support.

Jørn Endresen, Logistics Director at ASKO Midt-Norge