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Logistics automation for retail, e-commerce & multichannel

E-commerce has fundamentally changed the nature of the retail supply chain. Fast and accurate delivery of orders is critical to ensure customer satisfaction and make a profit. The flexible and modular technologies and software in Swisslog’s portfolio is designed to meet the dynamic needs of retail, e-commerce and multichannel logistics.

Movie: The CycloneCarrier shuttle storage and transport system moves cases quickly and safely for improved warehouse efficiency.

Flexible modular technology and software

Online shoppers require greater personalization. Therefore, warehouse managers must now consider split case picking, multiline item sorting and fast turnaround times.

We listen to and understand the unique needs of every business. Our standardized technology is then individualized to provide a bespoke solution that is highly flexible and scalable.

Our modular but standardized software meets the key requirements for both pure e-commerce platforms and retail chains, with functionalities such as returns handling, promotions and other value add services.

We needed an adequate logistics solution capable of supporting our new sales channels with fast and efficient processes

Josef Otter, CEO of Fesco GmbH (Fossil)

Find out more about our solutions for Fossil in our complete case study.

Five times faster order fulfillment

Retailers can increase the speed of order fulfillment, improve order accuracy and effectively manage an ever-increasing number of SKUs with Swisslog’s automated systems for e-commerce. Order fulfillment rates can be up to five times faster than manual systems.

The fast growing retail and e-commerce company, Xenos, improved its pick performance by more than 50% and saved 3-4 hours shipment time per delivery per store after Swisslog automated its distribution center.