ItemPiQ: Efficient order fulfillment with automated robotic piece picking

Do you want to reduce operational costs, retain flexibility and increase efficiency in your picking operation? Our AI-based, fully automated robotic piece picking solution ItemPiQ, can do all of this and more for your warehouse.

ItemPiQ picks single items efficiently from a source bin into target bin or carton

AI-based robotic piece picking

Our AI-based piece picking robot, ItemPiQ, is designed to handle repetitive item picking accurately and safely. With its autonomous gripper exchange, ItemPiQ seamlessly adapts to various shapes and sizes, ensuring efficient handling of a wide range of items.

Thanks to its continuous learning ability, ItemPiQ can adeptly pick new products. Even during periods of high picking demand, ItemPiQ will help you to reduce operating costs and overcome any staff shortages.

Robotic piece picking for a wide range of industries

Easily integrated into any logistics ecosystem through our modular Warehouse Management System, SynQ. With a wide range of available features, such as order splitting and automatic exception handling, ItemPiQ is able to meet the demands of various industries.

From fashion & apparel to electronics, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and food & beverage, ItemPiQ features can be considered as your reliable robotic item picking counterpart.

  • Seamless software integration

    Regardless of which WMS you use, ItemPiQ easily connects to any standard interface. SynQ WMS is also available for additional functionality and accelerated performance.

  • Pick a wide range of products

    With its autonomous gripper exchange and unique picking methods, ItemPiQ ensures error-free picking of a wide range of products. It can pick your SKU range with ease, with the ability to pick products in different shapes and sizes up to 3 kg.

  • Self-learning increases picking performance

    Smart software allows continuous learning to enhance picking strategies for unknown products. ItemPiQ’s intelligent vision system recognizes and picks a wide variety of items. It identifies the gripping points of unknown items, greatly simplifying the learning process.

  • Easy-to-use

    The intuitive user interface ensures fast ramp-up and smooth operation. No robotics know-how and robot teaching, programming, or CAD / 360° product images are needed.