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Swisslog automated pallet warehouse solutions

Automated pallet warehouse to maximize throughput and optimize energy use

Pallets are heavy and energy-intensive to store and retrieve. Pallet warehouses need solutions that maximize throughput and storage density, while reducing energy consumption and keeping costs low. That is exactly what our automated pallet warehouse systems can deliver.

Make the most out of your high bay warehouse project

  • Customization

    Tailored solutions

    Pallet warehouse automation designed around your business needs.

  • Expertise


    Get the best service with over 40 years of experience in design and implementation of pallet warehousing solutions. 

  • Smart software

    Smart software integration

    Leverage operational data for continuous improvement.

  • Cost and space saving

    Cost & space savings

    Save cost and space with our flexible and energy efficient pallet storage and retrieval solutions.

Determining the best solution for your warehouse

Pallet storage is space hungry and handling heavy pallets is energy intensive, making it very expensive. Choosing the right automation solution for your pallet warehouse depends on several factors including:

  • The shape, size and height of your high bay warehouse
  • Number of different products stored in your warehouse
  • Number of pallets to be stored and retrieved
  • Number of pallets stored and retrieved per week, day or hour

Flexible cost-effective pallet warehouse automation

At Swisslog we take your unique requirements into consideration and design automated pallet warehouses specifically for your needs. Whether it’s a traditional high bay warehouse based on Vectura stacker cranes or a dynamic PowerStore shuttle system. We take the best from our pallet technology to offer you the most flexible and cost-effective solution for your business.

Flexible and adaptable software intelligently synchronizes your pallet warehouse

SynQ Pallet Director is our preconfigured and pre-tested cloud-enabled software package that quickly makes the difference in your warehouse. It enables next-generation material handling equipment to perform to the maximum and guarantees seamless integration into your existing process landscape. This low-risk solution intelligently connects your pallet warehouse quickly and cost-effectively to plan resources better and improve processes

>  SynQ Software Platform

SynQ warehouse management system for efficient warehouse processes.
SynQ Pallet Director for smooth pallet high bay warehouses operations.
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