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Automated storage for small loads: Flexible, scalable and cost efficient

Small load storage covers a wide variety of totes, boxes and containers. To keep costs low, miniload warehouse automation systems need to be highly flexible and scalable. That is exactly what Swisslog material handling systems can deliver.

Make the most out of your storage system for small parts

  • Flexible


    Scalable and modular systems designed for your dynamic business.

  • Expertise


    More than 10 years of experience in designing and implementing small load storage systems.  

  • Smart software

    Smart software integration

    Leverage operational data for continuous improvement.

  • Cost and space saving

    Cost and space savings

    Energy efficient, high-density small loads storage and retrieval.

Small loads warehouse automation for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, digitalization and individualization are making miniload storage more important than ever, especially in retail, e-commerce and multi-channel. Finding the right automation solution depends on the products you store and the unique requirements of your business, with very different needs for e-commerce, food & beverage and pharmaceutical enterprises. Choosing the right automation solution for your small loads warehouse depends on several factors including:

  • The shape, size and height of your warehouse
  • Number of different products stored in your warehouse
  • Number of products to be stored and retrieved
  • Number of products stored and retrieved per week, day or hour

Adapted to your specific needs, Swisslog small loads storage and picking solutions are flexible, scalable and cost effective.

Storage and picking: The best solution for your business

At Swisslog we take your unique requirements into account and design an automated warehouse for miniloads to meet your exact needs. Whether it’s a traditional high bay warehouse based on cranes or a revolutionary system like AutoStore, we take the best from our small loads technology portfolio to offer the most flexible and cost-effective solution for your business.

Reduce the risk to your small loads warehouse with Swisslog modular software

Our SynQ Directors are our preconfigured and pre-tested cloud-enabled software packages that quickly make the difference in your warehouse. Whether you choose a storage system with or without an integrated pick station, our software standard modules maximize the performance of next-generation material handling systems and ensure seamless integration with your existing process environment. This low-risk solution intelligently connects your pallet warehouse quickly and cost-effectively to better plan resources and improve processes in the era of Industry 4.0.

>  Learn more about Swisslog SynQ Software

SynQ WMS for the handling of boxes, bins, trays and small parts
Swisslog SynQ software for warehouse automation

Our four systems for your small parts storage:

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