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AutoStore by Swisslog in Poland & Czech Republic

Contact us for AutoStore & warehouse automation enquiries from Poland and Czech Republic

Hello! We are here to assist you with all enquiries regarding AutoStore solution. We will support you every step of the way in designing energy efficient, adaptive and scalable solutions to help you to keep up with sudden market shifts.

We offer our experience to help you to increase workforce productivity, drive out nonvalue-added time, and generate high levels of customer value.

Antonio Rapala, Sales Manager
Phone: +48 601 236 553
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Magdalena Choquet, Sales Manager
Phone: +48 601 234 552
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Rendering of Swisslog AutoStore solution showing all functions

AutoStore small part storage & picking system

Streamline your business processes with AutoStore by Swisslog, leading global integrator.

"I bring a deep understanding of the challenges facing our customers and a comprehensive knowledge of best-in-class automation solutions. I am keen to discuss the operational gains you can achieve from automation, and to provide help in designing processes to optimize your utilization of assets and resources." Magdalena Choquet

"I bring a fresh perspective to your material handling operations, thanks to a strong background in creating efficient B2B distribution networks for premium brands. My in-depth knowledge of AutoStore allows me to present sophisticated and complex choices in a straightforward and customer-focused way." Antonio Rapala