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VIDEO: How automation helped Rohlik double productivity and beat the competition

Rohlik is an e-grocery retailer based in the Czech Republic but operating in multiple international markets. Local fulfillment centers serve the city and local areas where they’re situated.
  • of orders in 60 minutes or less

  • increase in overall productivity

  • growth in picking productivity

  • average order picking time

Key Swisslog services which supported the realization of this project:

  • Swisslog was able to simulate different scenarios to see how processes will be executed in different configurations.
  • By combining data from existing manual operations together with Rohlik's target of 12 000 orders daily, Swisslog was able to run various scenarios in the simulation software.
  • The key success factors for achieving the high speed e-grocery picking processes, were Swisslog's design and software expertise.
  • Swisslog’s SynQ software dialogs empower ergonomic and very accurate picking processes. 
  • The installation provided by Swisslog took just three months, going very quickly to the ‘go live’ phase.
  • The project's speed was made possible due to the experience in project implementation from Swisslog as a leading AutoStore integrator.

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