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High Bay Warehouse at ASKO Rogaland

ASKO Rogaland, Norway: Automated distribution centers

ASKO is Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler and distributor, delivering to grocery stores, service trading customers and institutional households throughout the country. ASKO’s ambition is to become Norway’s most customer-oriented and efficient logistics partner with a sustainable and climate-neutral approach. Swisslog was selected to deliver a space efficient High Bay Warehouse with energy efficient stacker cranes that automatically replenish the pallet locations in the picking aisles. An automated conveyor system has also decreased ASKO’s previous extended use of trucks.

ASKO Rogaland automated distribution centers

Swisslog’s automated warehouse solution has provided ASKO Rogaland with multiple benefits for its operation in Norway, including:

  • Close cooperation with focus on future development and continuous improvement
  • Increased warehouse and order fulfillment capacity for future growth
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Increaced picking accuracy
  • Reduced dependency on manual labor
ASKO Rogaland’s distribution center, stacker crane
Swisslog’s vectura stacker crane at ASKO, Rogaland.

Optimized space utilization

ASKO’s distribution centers now benefit from increased handling capacity through optimized space utilization and allow improved service to end customers thanks to an increased pick accuracy.

Swisslog’s automated warehouse solution reduces dependency on manual labor and the costs incurred by both damaged goods and needing extra human resources.

ASKO Rogaland’s distribution center vectura stacker crane
Stacker crane, ASKO Rogaland.

A small part of our SKU range constitutes a very large part of our volume. We wanted to automate this part of the material handling in order to let a machine take over all the highly repetitive work.

Kenn Kåre Hansen, Logistics Director at ASKO Rogaland

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