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Micro-fulfillment centers: Bringing fulfillment closer to the customer

A simple and compact last-mile delivery solution that can be placed anywhere, especially where real estate space is limited or cost-prohibitive.

Micro-fulfillment in the city

Improving the speed and efficiency of fulfillment

Ongoing shifts in the retail landscape driven by e-commerce, along with changing customer demands and expectations, are creating increased need for fast, efficient hyper local fulfillment.

Automated micro-fulfillment centers allow companies with or without a brick-and-mortar footprint within a particular area to move fulfillment closer to customers in order to reduce transportation costs and enable shorter delivery times. Companies can build a micro-fulfillment center as a standalone facility, or inside or bolted on to an existing location, to expand fulfillment capacity. 
Streamline the supply chain to customer flow, while maintaining a seamless and uninterrupted customer experience around online fulfillment. Increase fulfillment capacity as demand rises and your business grows. 
A flexible, data-driven and robotic solution that won’t become obsolete as the market changes allows you to leverage new technologies as they emerge. You can optimize the center by efficiently integrating automated and manual picking.
Fast and efficient automated micro-fulfillment centers

A modular solution for a variety of applications

Automated micro-fulfillment centers can be a perfect solution for general merchandise retailers, as well as non-retailers, like manufacturers and distributors.

As demand for e-grocery services increases, micro-fulfillment centers have become an ideal solution for grocers wanting to move fulfillment closer to customers for curbside pickup or home delivery.

It can be especially attractive to pure-play e-grocers who don’t have retail stores that can serve as fulfillment hubs, easily storing between two to five days of grocery inventory.

Standardization is Key

Standardized processes. Easy and fast installation. Ramp up in months. Scale up at your own pace by adding modules.
  • Modular Software

    Swisslog SynQ software enables seamless management and optimization.
  • Ultra High-Density Storage

    Maximize your inventory at hand while saving floor space.

  • Click & Collect

    Seamless pick up points to collect eCom orders in dedicated areas. Collect orders in just a few minutes. Ideal for buy online & pick up in store.
  • Brownfield Locations

    Fully customizable solution. Fit for purpose. Any facility, any height, any shape will do.
CycloneCarrier: Dynamic shuttle storage and retrieval system

Best-in-class automation

There are a range of automation technologies and solutions to choose from as you build your automated micro-fulfillment center.

Swisslog’s automation experts can help you determine the best automation strategy for your micro-fulfillment efforts and identify the automation technologies needed to stay competitive. They can work directly with you and your unique business needs to implement quickly. Schedule an appointment to talk with Swisslog automation experts today.