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Are you looking for an efficient solution for storing your palletized goods? Planning and implementing an automatic high bay warehouse for pallets requires proven expertise and reliable partners, as well as powerful technologies and software.

Automated high bay warehouse HBW for heavy and medium loads

The automated high bay warehouse is the all-rounder for heavy and medium loads. Controlled by modern software, the storage and retrieval process takes place completely independently – making it highly dynamic and very safe. Its performance extends to round-the-clock operation.

With silo construction, the storage system itself acts as a load-bearing substructure for the roof and facade. This means that there is no need to construct a separate exterior envelope to accommodate the racking.

The automated high bay warehouse mainly consists of pallet racks, which are approx. 12 to 45 m high and can be made of steel or wood. In the aisles between the racks, storage and retrieval machines (SRM) or shuttle vehicles are used to pick up or place the palletized goods.

The automated high-bay warehouse has a compact design, accommodates pallets up to a total weight of 3,500 kg each, single or multiple deep, and makes very good use of storage space. The technology is robust and allows for ambient temperatures from -30 °C to +45 °C. This makes it suitable for use in a wide range of industries.

Stacker cranes in an automated high bay warehouse for pallets (HBW)

More than 50 years of pallet expertise

Swisslog offers more than 50 years of experience in the design and implementation of automated high bay pallet warehouses. From pharmaceuticals to the food industry, traditional retail to e-commerce, from ambient temperature to deep-freeze warehouses.

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Technologies of automated high bay storage