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One Year Later: The Automation Technology Winning the E Grocery Fulfillment Challenge

The grocery industry hit a tipping point with e-commerce in 2020 and there is no turning back. E-grocery fulfillment will continue to challenge grocery supply chains, making automation technology even more important. The good news is that we learned a lot in 2020. We know what automation technologies work best for different e-grocery fulfillment strategies, as well as the vital role software plays in delivering the desired productivity and efficiency benefits.

Learn more in this webinar from Swisslog and Interact Analysis.

Digital Masterclass: Warehouse Automation for Food and Beverage solutions for a changing landscape

The Food and Beverage industry is transforming in ways we never expected. Caused by years of rising expectations and accelerated by the recent pandemic, this shift has brought a set of unique challenges to F&B. With unpredictable pricing, intense inventory management, complex manufacturing constraints, and continuous changes in distribution means, keeping up with high demand is tougher than ever before. It is clear that warehouse automation can support the sector, but which solution yields the best ROI? 

Rising to the Challenges of E-Grocery Fulfillment: What You Need to Know Now

As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery supply chains are being pushed beyond their limits. A growing number of consumers are moving to e-grocery delivery and pick-up as a solution for social distancing. And when we return to normal, many will remain e-grocery customers. But what fulfillment approach is right for your grocery chain and how can automation support your strategy?

AutoStore for the Future

What are the 5 most common challenges and how do you avoid them?

Choosing the right goods-to-person automation system is essential for the continued success of your company. Our webinar will guide you through how to guarantee your success when implementing AutoStore and how it can become the driving force behind your future growth.

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Making the Case for Pallet ASRS

Before investing in an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), what information is required to evaluate and make a well justified selection? What ASRS solutions are currently available and what are their best use cases? Various business requirements, including throughput, SKU profile, batch sizes and available building cube, will need to be considered. The type of ASRS selected will impact total cost of ownership, which means that issues like system redundancy, energy use and sustainability also need to be considered with the initial capital expenditure.

What you’ll learn:
  • What criteria should be considered when evaluating traditional pallet stacker cranes vs newer pallet shuttle systems? 
  • The best applications for carrier-based and pallet stacker crane ASRS systems.
  • How to manage inventory in less space at lower costs.
  • How to combine high density and high throughput to meet the increasing storage demands of today’s warehouse.

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