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Data-driven & robotic solutions for your logistics automation

Future-ready warehousing and distribution solutions enable you to stay ahead of the competition. As a growing global company, we have a presence in more than 25 countries, supporting our customers to meet their business goals. In partnership with KUKA, we cover the entire automation value chain with robotic and data-driven automated solutions that create exceptional value for your business.

Movie: From a classical integrator to an innovator with Industry 4.0

Established in the era of the manual warehouse, Swisslog quickly evolved into a leading supplier of crane-based automation in the 80s and 90s.

By 2009 we were one of the first to implement an AutoStore system and one of the largest integrators of intralogistics automation.

We are continually innovating our competitive technology to meet the demands of today's omni-channel storage and distribution. As a member of the KUKA group since 2015, we are advancing digitalization and robotic technology in intralogistics.

Today we are harnessing the power of big data with Industry 4.0 and laying the foundations for artificial intelligence and achieving new levels of warehouse automation dynamics, efficiency and insight.

Realizing your vision for a future-ready operation

For automating all your warehousing, distribution and production logistics, Swisslog offers a complete set of proven and innovative solutions. The scope of our services stretches from inception to completion and beyond. We work with you to first design, then realize a complete concept with ongoing maintenance, service and future-proofing.

  • QuickMove: Flexible, modular conveyor system for small loads

    Do you want to achieve high throughput, while remaining flexible and increasing efficiency in your warehouse? QuickMove is a modular conveyor system for handling totes, trays and cartons.

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  • CarryPick: Flexible and modular storage and order picking system

    Do you want your business to grow without having to make any constructional changes to your building? CarryPick is a modular and flexible agv-based storage and order picking system ideal for forward thinking companies.

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  • Fast & ergonomic goods-to-person picking

    Swisslog’s goods-to-person (GtP) picking solutions offer extremely fast, efficient and accurate order fulfillment while minimizing manual tasks and travel for pickers.

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  • ItemPiQ: Efficient robot based automated item picking for order fulfillment

    Do you want to reduce operational cost, retain flexibility and increase efficiency in your small parts warehouse? Intelligent automated item picking application ItemPiQ enables all these aspects and more for your warehouse.

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  • Tornado: A versatile miniload crane for automated warehousing

    Do you need to store products like totes, trays and cartons with a reduced footprint? Tornado cranes form the basis for automated warehouse systems that cover a wide range of small loads in terms of size and weight. Standard and customized applications are available.

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  • Monorail: Fast and efficient electrified system for pallet transportation

    Do you need a transportation system capable of covering long distances compared to traditional transportation in and around your pallet warehouse? Swisslog Monorail is one of the fastest and most efficient systems for the automated transportation of pallets.

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  • Compact small parts storage & picking system: AutoStore

    Swisslog is the worldwide leading integrator for the AutoStore system. Efficient robot system with outstanding storage density and scalability.

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  • AGV Automated Guided Vehicles system

    Do you want to plan a modern, flexible and efficient warehouse? The Swisslog AGV portfolio provides all the options you need for efficient handling of your products.

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  • Robotic mixed case palletizing: ACPaQ

    Do you need for your distribution center a palletizing solution that is fast,reliable and able to grow as you grow? ACPaQ is a robotic and data-driven solution for store friendly mixed case palletizing.

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  • High bay warehouse with pallet stacker crane Vectura

    Do you want to store pallets more efficiently and be more cost effective? Vectura is a multi-talented and energy efficient high bay warehouse pallet stacker crane used in more than 2.000 customer projects.

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  • Pallet conveyor ProMove

    Are you planning a pallet warehouse that needs a high throughput and fully automated pallet conveyor system? ProMove is a multifunctional conveyor system for energy efficient transportation of pallets with both light and heavy loads.

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  • SynQ: Modular warehouse management system for optimized logistics processes

    Do you need a future-ready software solution that smoothly integrates with your Warehouse? Swisslog’s WMS SynQ covers the full spectrum of your organization’s supply chain needs to optimize your warehouse operation in the era of Industry 4.0.

  • Pallet warehouse: PowerStore shuttle system

    Do you want to maximize available space, remain flexible and increase throughput? PowerStore is the perfect high density pallet shuttle solution for warehouses with lower ceilings, fewer unique products and high throughput requirements. 

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  • Shuttle storage system for small loads: CycloneCarrier

    Do you need a storage system for small loads with high throughput and storage capacity? CycloneCarrier helps you to store small loads fast and efficiently.

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Digital and robotic technology to transform your operations. Worldwide. 

  • Digitalization & software

    Digitalization is the future. Swisslog’s modular and future-proof SynQ software covers every aspect of logistics and supply chain automation. SynQ Intelligent software optimizes your smart warehouse in the era of Industry 4.0.

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  • Smart technologies & robotics

    Smart robot-based solutions combine KUKA robots and our intralogistics expertise. Best-in-class materials handling technologies and smart data increase performance, flexibility and quality while reducing costs and improving warehouse efficiency.

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  • Customer centric & local

    Swisslog is the global logistics automation company that’s local to you. We are here to support you wherever you are in the world. Based on your specific industry challenges, we offer local consulting and implementation backed by global expertise and resources.

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  • Powerhouse with KUKA

    As part of the KUKA Group, we cover the entire automation value chain from manufacturing to logistics. Introducing a new era or robotic, data-driven and flexible solutions, we deliver exceptional value for your business through automation.

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Over 2,000 global brands have transformed their logistics automation with Swisslog solutions.

Customer delight drives our success

"The quality of solution offered by Swisslog outstripped their competitors and reflected their knowledge of CCA’s business needs."
Derek O'Donnell, National Logistics & Planning Manager Supply Chain at Coca-Cola Amatil

"Swisslog's expertise was vital to our ability to transform our supply chain to increase speed, reduce costs and improve quality control."
Kent Mann, VP of Operations, Trinchero Family Estates

"The technology allows further growth, ensures the ability to deliver and ultimately contributes to fulfilling customer expectations."
Christian Bodi, Managing Director Logistics at dm-drogerie markt

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