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We are your partner, guiding you every step of the way for your complete peace of mind. The combination of our consulting, design, implementation, maintenance and optimization services reduces interfaces and increases speed and quality. Constantly innovating with future-proof software and supported by the global network of the KUKA Group.

On your side from concept study to finished project and service

  • Analysis & design


    Detailed analysis

    Solutions evaluation

    Evaluation & implementation of the solution

  • Project implementation

    Engineering competence

    Project management

    Integration from the building to the system


  • Service & modernization

    Customized service concepts

    24/7 life cycle support

    Management support & assessments

    Modernization & extensions

Your challenges, current situation and goals guide the design that safeguards your investment.

Future-proof solutions tailored to the changing requirements in your market

The future of warehouse management and distribution centers requires maximum flexibility, full automation and smart data. Every industry has different logistics and supply chain requirements. Our solutions are perfectly customized to your needs and guarantee the optimal flow of goods at a low cost per pick. When you work with Swisslog you get:

  • Expert consultation to understand your needs
  • Detailed Concept Study for optimized processes
  • Safeguarding of your investment
Our ACPaQ for mixed case palletizing will optimize processes in your distribution center

Robotics for maximum speed, accuracy and efficiency

Customer requirements for goods diversity, individualization, freshness and delivery speed are constantly growing. We are with you every step of the way, from the conceptualization of your distribution center to the construction phase and through ongoing operations. With Swisslog you can realize:


Thanks to our service concepts and software you can oversee your system at any time.

Service and smart software solutions 

Seasonal peaks require absolute availability at the highest throughput. Thanks to our comprehensive support, including 24/7 help desk, preventive maintenance, remote monitoring, condition monitoringand life cycle management, our systems are reliable when it really counts. With Swisslog you get:

  • Customized service concepts
  • Response time in urgent cases of only 2.5 minutes
  • Management support and assessments
  • Modernization and extensions

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