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Robot-based picking & palletizing for higher warehouse performance

Swisslog’s robot-based solutions combine KUKA robots and Swisslog’s intralogistics knowhow. They are designed to reduce operational costs and improve warehouse efficiency.

Robots improve your warehouse efficiency

Customer requirements for goods diversity, individualization, freshness, and delivery speed are constantly growing. It’s no longer same day delivery, it’s next hour delivery. 

Picking and palletizing make up to 60% of your warehouse operational costs, and are the most time consuming processes in your warehouse. Workers to do it are becoming harder to find nowadays too. Only a very high degree of automation and self-learning smart-data systems can meet today’s diverse and growing demands. 

  • Accuracy

    Robots allow high picking quality and reduce errors in order fulfillment.

  • Higher efficiency

    Long term competitiveness with fully automated processes. 

  • Availability

    When labor is hard to source, robots can be added to increase or maintain performance. 

  • Ergonomic

    Robots can do work that is harmful in the long term for humans.

Robots support human with heavy tasks

Robots can also carry out activities that are harmful or inefficient for humans. While it is difficult for humans to concentrate on simple picking and correct placement of individual articles over an eight-hour shift, robots do not show signs of fatigue even in their twentieth hour of work. Robots today, however, are less to be seen as a substitute, but rather as a supportive and assisting medium for humans. When robots take on tedious and sometimes simple jobs, people become more satisfied – an important factor in effectively curbing staff-related redundancies and high employee turnover rates.

Our robot-based picking and palletizing solutions deliver peak performance and flexibility, and provide the basis for future-proof intralogistics. As a member of the KUKA Group, we offer unique technological competence in robotics for intralogistics.