Automating deep-freeze intralogistics

Energy efficiency and a high degree of automation are key ingredients for success when it comes to deep-freeze logistics. The demand for online orders is also on the rise. To meet the needs of today’s market, you need logistics and picking systems that combine deep-freeze capabilities and quick preparation of individual products and packages for delivery

A deep-freeze high-bay warehouse in the making: The building envelope is constructed around the steel pallet racking.

Energy-efficient systems – key ingredients for success in deep-freeze logistics

  • Small volume storage for frozen products based on shuttle technology. Smart carton picking and piece picking.
  • High-bay pallet warehouses with unparalleled energy efficiency and state-of-the-art stacker cranes or pallet shuttles. Ergonomic palletizing.
  • Global project expertise gained from dozens of deep-freeze projects.
  • Second-to-none warehouse management software means that you always have complete control of your products – from farm to fork.

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Watch the VIDEO now: Fly through Virto's deep-freeze warehouse in Spain.

Superlative performance at -30 degrees – automated warehouse for Spanish food producer Virto.

The company supplies frozen goods to the retail, catering and food industries. To keep up with Virto’s steadily increasing demand, including their online business, the new logistics building will store 50 to 70 million kilograms of frozen products – either on 56,000 Euro pallets or 48,000 industrial pallets. The warehouse features throughput of approximately 350 pallets per hour.

Additional project case study in video

UNIL is one of the premier food manufacturers in Norway. Watch the video to find out which technologies UNIL has used to intelligently automate its deep-freeze logistics at -25 degrees, saving massive amounts of space and energy.

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