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Warheouse Management System, WMS, WES, SynQ, Intralogistics Software

Connect your warehouse intelligently with an integrated software system

SynQ integrates into your existing warehouse IT infrastructure. With its modular components, it offers you the exact integration scenario you desire.

SynQ grows with you and your IT

The collaboration platform is the connective heart of our SynQ intelligence network that makes total integration with other systems, such as 3rd party WMS or ERP systems, and automation possible. It includes all the base software modules you need, such as those required for managing inventory or connecting to a host system.

To integrate SynQ seamlessly into your existing IT landscape, SynQ is certified on Linux and Windows, Oracle, Microsoft SQL databases and the WebLogic application server. A particular strength of SynQ is our globally harmonized and rigorous testing and quality assurance standards following state-of-the art software engineering practices. These ensure continuity of your business and keep your data secure at any time.

The entire SynQ platform is a cornerstone of the Swisslog/KUKA group and consequentially further developed. Hence, customers benefit from continuous access to functional enhancements through regular update releases.

SynQ WMS offers you a smart software integration.
With SynQ you get access to all of your equipments data
  • Plug and play

    3rd party integration

    Proven standard interfaces that are continuously extended to meet latest industry practices and regulations.
  • Risk reduction

    Data security

    Industry proven security components e.g. for authentication and authorization of all users.
  • Reliability

    High quality

    Rigorous testing processes and access to functional enhancements through regular update releases.

Smart controls integration standards to guarantee the highest performance

No matter what type of technology you have in your warehouse, Swisslog offers a controls concept that lets your cranes talk to your conveyors. SynQ enables all connected machines such as cranes, conveyors and robots to talk to each other directly. As a result, this unique peer-to-peer philosophy is applied to all our automation products to ensure the overall system can run at the highest possible performance level.

Software, Cockpit, Warehouse Management, KPIs
Our unique, easy-to-use, user interface for visualizing and controlling all warehouse operations and machines.

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