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ItemPiQ: Efficient robot-based automated item picking for order fulfillment

Do you want to reduce operational cost, retain flexibility and increase efficiency in your picking operation? Our intelligent, fully automated robotic item picking solution, ItemPiQ, can do all of this and more for your warehouse.

Efficient and reliable order picking with ItemPiQ

With ItemPiQ, item picking for e-commerce, retail and pharmaceuticals can be fulfilled rapidly and accurately. The robot cell is designed to handle repeated piece picking, error-free.

The robot is operational 24/7 and can pick and place products from a source into a target bin or carton.

This allows companies to better cover seasonal peaks such as Black Friday and the Holiday season. Thanks to the robot-based order picking, operating costs can be reduced in the long term and staff shortages overcome.


ItemPiQ picks single items efficiently from a source bin into target bin or carton

ItemPiQ’s intelligent vision system recognizes and picks a large variety of items. It identifies the grip points of unknown articles, greatly simplifying the learning process.

Thanks to its multi-function gripper, the robot can handle a wide variety of common products in retail, e-commerce and pharmaceutical industries weighing up to 1.5 kg. Depending on size, weight, product-to-robot system and storage method, ItemPiQ can pick up to 1,000 items per hour.

  • Smart software

    Seamless Software integration

    Interface to Swisslog SynQ WMS as performance accelerator. Standard interface to connect to any WMS. 

  • Can pick a wide range of products

    Unique gripper with 4 different grasping methods can pick products in different shapes and sizes up to 1.5 kg.

  • Learning machine

    Self-learning increases picking performance

    Smart software allows continuous learning to enhance picking strategies for unknown products. No CAD or 360° pictures of products are needed.
  • Human with helmet


    Intuitive user interface ensures fast ramp-up and smooth operations. No robotics know-how needed.


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What makes Swisslog’s ItemPiQ truly unique?

ItemPiQ is unparalleled in its flexibility and intelligence:

  • ItemPiQ copes easily with changing assortments. Its multi-functional gripper can handle a wide range of products thanks to four different grasping methods, selected according to the products being picked and placed.
  • ItemPiQ sets the base for artificial intelligence: Our intelligent vision system can detect unknown items and choose the best picking method, simplifying the teaching process.
  • Easy-to-use user interface means every user can operate the robot without any robot knowledge.
  • ItemPiQ can be easily integrated with the AutoStore automated storage system.
  • ItemPiQ is seamlessly integrated with SynQ software to ensure reliable operation.
  • Thanks to a standard interface, ItemPIQ can be connected to any WMS system.