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Shuttle System Goods to Person Picking

Considering Automation for your E-Commerce Fulfillment?

Today’s flexible and scalable warehouse automation technologies offer viable options for many fast-growing small to mid-sized e-commerce companies within various capex availabilities. 

AutoStore picking

Proven technology enables simpler and faster deployment of automated solutions for e-commerce fulfillment.

While the range of warehouse technologies and systems may seem complex, the demands of the market have spurred the development of standardized solutions that leverage proven technology and enable simpler and faster deployment than was previously possible. If you’re considering automation, Swisslog can help you understand if the automation journey is right for your company and what your first step should be. 

Enjoy the benefits of automating your fulfillment operations!

  • High picking acuracy

    Increased Accuracy

    Improve order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

  • Fast

    Fast Implementation

    Today's automation solutions can be quickly installed and deployed to meet your challenging market requirements.

  • Flexible


    Design flexibility of today's systems enable easy configuration into existing buildings or rapid expansion during peak.
  • Efficient

    Improved Productivity

    Eliminate the significant travel required in traditional person-to-goods picking operations.

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