ItemPiQ: Efficient robot-based automated item picking for order fulfillment

Do you want to reduce operational cost, retain flexibility and increase efficiency in your small parts warehouse? Our intelligent automated item picking application, ItemPiQ, enables all these aspects and more for your warehouse.

Efficient order picking with ItemPiQ

ItemPiQ is designed for repeated, reliable single item picking to fulfill fast delivery of orders at low operational cost. It perfectly suits the requirements of e-commerce, pharmaceuticals and retail.

ItemPiQ does not need to be hired for seasonal periods. It is on duty 24/7 and able to perform monotonous tasks independently. Thanks to KUKA’s LBR iiwa robot and its sensitive handling properties, ItemPiQ can pick and place fragile items, and offers intuitive operation for every operator.

Additionally, the robot is mounted on a space-efficient, portable platform containing all the necessary equipment, and therefore allows completely new flexibility. ItemPiQ can pick a broad variety of items recognized by the intelligent vision system, which is able to detect grasping points of unknown items and thus simplify the learning process.

The multifunctional gripper can pick up to 95% of products that are common in retail, e-commerce and pharma, and up to a maximum weight of 1kg. ItemPiQ picks up to 600 items per hour depending on items’ size, shape and weight. It is also used with the goods-to-robot system and placing method.

  • Improved efficiency

    The automated pick station is operational 24/7 allowing you to reduce operational costs and manage seasonal peak times.

  • Learning machine

    Innovative components like intelligent vision system and multifunctional gripper enable easily changing assortments.

  • Reliable

    Avoid expensive returns with failure-free picking. ItemPiQ is easy to operate – no fencing or expert required.

What makes Swisslog’s ItemPiQ truly unique?

ItemPiQ is unbeatable in its flexibility and intelligence:

  • ItemPiQ can easily cope with changing assortments. Its multifunctional gripper can handle a wide range of diverse products thanks to four different grasping methods, selected according to the products being picked and placed.
  • ItemPiQ sets the base towards artificial intelligence: Our intelligent vision system is able to detect unknown items, simplifying the teaching process. 
  • In general, processes can be optimized by sharing tasks efficiently between robot and worker.
  • Standing on a moveable base gives ItemPiQ optimum flexibility - it can be used at different workstations.
  • Using a sensitive robot as the core component of ItemPiQ ensures intuitive operation for every operator and combines Swisslog logistics know-how with KUKA robotic technology
  • ItemPiQ can be combined with Swisslog's existing intralogistics solutions, such as AutoStore and CycloneCarrier.
  • To ensure a reliable and constantly performing operation, all components and the SynQ software are seamlessly integrated.

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