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Pharmaceutical logistics: Are your warehouse operations Track&Trace compliant?

Safety and compliance are paramount in pharmaceutical warehousing and distribution. Maintaining efficiency despite the need for serialization to track and trace drug packages requires robust and efficient systems uniquely customized to your business.

Movie: Livzon’s new logistic center in China uses Swisslog pharmaceutical warehouse automation solutions

Improve efficiency and reduce risk with Track&Trace software

Swisslog pharmaceutical warehouse automation solutions enable pharma enterprises to meet government regulations and industry best practice, including FDA, GMP, GAMP 5, GSP, & GDP.

We use in-depth analysis of your business combined with our own intralogistics expertise, insuring your pharmaceutical supply chain is fully compliant in the most flexible and cost efficient way. You can benefit from a fully track&trace compliant SynQ software platform .

With product diversification, smaller order quantities, shorter product cycles, serialization, greater individualization and more patient-centric approaches, pharmaceutical logistics must ensure that the trends and challenges facing the business are adressed.

Swisslog is uniquely placed to deliver Industry 4.0, efficient, flexible, scalable and robot-supported intelligent intralogistics automation for your pharma enterprise.

We were able to reduce the throughput times for getting customer orders ready for shipping from 120 to 48 hours.

Juergen Simons, Manager of the Warehouse and Logistics Center at Roche’s Kaiseraugst location

Find out more in our Roche case studies about the warehouse automation project and our customer service, including Industry 4.0.

Space saving storage that maintains quality and temperature control

Are you dealing with growing product ranges and spiraling SKUs? Swisslog pharmaceutical warehouse automation solutions allow up to 60% more stock in the same space.

B. Braun Melsungen in Germany increased pallet location capacity by 50% and picking location capacity by 40%, while maintaining full quality control and tracking in a temperature controlled environment.

Change has been the only constant in recent years at B.Braun Melsungen as its distribution center has been continually extended to increase capacity, while providing risk-free operation, compliance with GMP regulations, and remaining responsive to change in the pharmaceutical market.

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Learn more. Swisslog solutions give you full control of pharmaceutical logistics

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