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Global Cold Chain Expo 2018: Swisslog will showcase cool technologies for semi- to fully-automated storage in temperature controlled environments

Swisslog Logistics Automation will showcase the latest automation technologies for temperature-controlled warehousing environments at Global Cold Chain Expo 2018, Booth 3612, at McCormick Place in Chicago from June 25-27.

The Global Cold Chain Expo is the only event where businesses gather to find solutions and share best practices for managing the complexities of the perishable supply chain. Visitors to Swisslog’s exhibit will be able to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee poured by the world’s first robotic barista while learning about solutions designed for flexible growth including the PowerStore pallet shuttle system and CycloneCarrier case shuttle system.

Transforming manual warehousing to fully automated with the PowerStore Shuttle
Swisslog is the global market leader in shuttle-based pallet automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). “Our production of PowerStore shuttles increased tenfold in 2017, indicating that the market is extremely interested in our technology,” said Markus Schmidt, President Swisslog Logistics Automation Americas. “We are excited to share how PowerStore can enable our customers to reach new dimensions in speed and storage density while reducing operating costs, perfectly complementing our current cold storage pallet ASRS portfolio.” 

CycloneCarrier case shuttle technology for peak performance
In response to the challenges faced by the retail, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries, Swisslog developed case shuttle technology that offers outstanding performance, flexibility and reliability. Representing the latest generation of shuttle systems, this technology is a natural part of a smart logistics solution focused on automatic case storage selection.

Swisslog’s Warehouse of the Future is based on the interplay of robotics and artificial intelligence
Visitors will be invited on a trip into the future where the lines between physical and virtual reality are increasingly blurred. Robotics systems are seamlessly integrated with Swisslog’s innovative SynQ software services. Big data and AI technologies pave the way for the self-learning warehouse where the flow of goods optimizes itself based on the intelligence embedded in the system components. 

Booth visitors can interact with virtual and augmented reality applications for an up-close-and-personal look at the added value that virtual warehouse planning and pick-by-vision picking deliver. In addition, Swisslog will demonstrate how speech recognition makes day-to-day warehouse operations easier, with the Alexa voice assistant engaging in a live dialog with the SynQ software platform.

“In a world that is rapidly evolving, scalable and flexible solutions that allow your business to grow and respond are of utmost importance,” comments Schmidt. “Swisslog is dedicated to enabling our partners to grow into the right level of automation so that they can feel secure in their ability to deliver to their customers now and in the future.”