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Swisslog as an employer

Whether you are an experienced professional or fresh out of school, you'll find a challenging and inspiring career with us. Swisslog provides you the unique advantage of working in a global organization that provides logistics automation solutions to customers all over the world.

Our company culture

We define our target culture with the simple phrase "Swisslog Cares. Swisslog Leads."

As a caring and leading global company, we aim to foster an environment that makes our people feel connected and empowered to contribute and make a difference. That is why we have built a foundation of common Values, Behaviors and Leadership Principles that guide us along our journey.

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  • We’re boundary breakers who strive to grow the strength and capability of our organization and our people. By offering opportunities for personal and professional growth, we will reach our potential together. We’re ambitious about growing our company in the right way, by taking strategic decisions and using our entrepreneurial mindset to maximize our opportunities – forever mindful of our resources and our ability to take calculated risks that achieve sustainable growth.

  • We’re experts in what we do, with a range and unique quality of competences that differentiate us in the market. Our knowledge, skills, and experience – coupled with our industry leading understanding to deliver future-ready products and solutions – validates why our customers trust us. We embrace new thinking and never stop learning, giving us the foundation we need to shape the future and our success, through the skillsets and a mindset that drive our focus to never stop improving.

  • We’re courageous explorers who dare to challenge the status quo. We focus on learning, questioning assumptions and taking new perspectives. We’re thought leaders in innovation and sustainability, and we continuously create new growth opportunities. We innovate with purpose and aspire to lead the way to a positive future.

  • We deliver with our hearts and minds, fueled by a passion that drives us to give our best. It’s more than just doing a job; it’s an inner energy and dedication to succeed when others may give up. We truly believe in – and love – what we do. Our commitment is contagious and inspires others to join us.

  • We’re team players who continuously collaborate and connect with our people, leveraging a trusted and resilient global network built on caring and committed relationships. We believe we’re stronger together because of our diverse thinking, experiences, and skills — encouraging transparency and welcoming open dialogue by listening, challenging each other, accepting feedback, and embracing the energy that different perspectives can bring.

  • We're game changers who perform at the highest level, always driven by a desire to add value. By creating winning partnerships, we understand the customer perspective and aspire to exceed their expectations. We act with the appropriate sense of urgency to deliver the required results, for both our external and internal customers. We’re committed to finish what we start, using our best judgment to change course if necessary.

Diversity of opportunities

We take pride in our rich diversity. You don't have to fit into a mold at Swisslog. We offer you opportunities to grow and develop every day. We are seeking team members with: strong drive; true commitment; relentless curiosity; the desire to chart their own course; and the passion to deliver innovative solutions through by working with and leading others.

Swisslog is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As a business with diverse clients all over the world, we want to offer that same diversity in the workplace.

Global environment & new working models

Our international network and scale, as a member of the KUKA Group, provide you with the opportunity to work in truly global teams.

  • collaborate and share across borders, units and functions
  • work alongside talented, international and diverse individuals
  • work in other countries, alongside colleagues of other nationalities

Software, innovation and people are essential pillars of our strategy - and there is no better way to combine these than in our annual Swisslog Hackathon.

Reflecting our OneSwisslog approach, this inspirational global event strengthens and encourages cross-country and cross-regional collaboration - which is key to our future success.

Flexible hours, days, location, job sharing & more

The Swisslog Global Smart Working guideline encompasses flexible hours, days and location allowing Swisslog employees to consistently perform at their highest standard whilst providing opportunities to balance home and work commitments. It is a global framework, which is tailored to align with local employment regulations.

> More about Smart Working at Swisslog

Workplace wellbeing and collaboration

The health and wellbeing of our colleagues is our top priority, so we strive to foster a culture of wellness and collaboration. This enables our team to have access to supportive resources, and to feel confident enough to reach out for help when needed. Under our Global Wellbeing Policy, we hold regular wellness trainings for staff and line managers, making sure that individuals feel empowered in the workplace.

We also place great emphasis on the importance of teamwork and collaboration, especially since daily work has moved to more virtual settings. Social events and global team initiatives are vital for ongoing teambuilding in the modern workplace.


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We are the driving force behind innovations that are shaping the future... Now we're developing the leaders that will shape ours.

Jens Schmale, Swisslog CEO

Swisslog’s collaborative learning culture

At Swisslog, we promote a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing. We shape the future of intralogistics by combining innovative technology and team spirit across borders. Thus, our employees benefit from unique opportunities to get the most out of their potential. 

Leadership Development Program

Leadership competence is crucial to our long-term success. The leadership development program is customized to the requirements for each development level and focuses on building new leaders, advancing experienced leaders and helping employees lead and manage change. 

Product and solution training

To create exceptional customer value, our employees benefit from our Swisslog product and solution training, which enables them to determine market and customer needs and provide the right solutions.

Wide variety of individual training

To help our employees achieve both individual and organizational growth, we offer a wide variety of other training experiences, which are assessed individually with each employee.


Looking for a new job? Today could be your first step in a new career.