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Tornado: A versatile miniload crane for automated warehousing

Do you need to store products like totes, trays and cartons with a reduced footprint? Tornado cranes form the basis for automated warehouse systems that cover a wide range of small loads in terms of size and weight. Standard and customized applications are available.

Movie: Swisslog Tornado for automated light goods storage

The Tornado Miniload crane serves a wide range of applications

Swisslog’s Tornado miniload crane features modern control technologies and a patented light mast (aluminium) connected with bending resistant cross beams for dynamic movements. It is ideal for reserve storage and replenishment of manual picking zones, as well as feeding goods-to-person pick stations directly.

The tornado miniload crane is fit to cover a huge variety of products in ambient and chilled environments.

For more flexibility Tornado offers a choice of two standard high performance load handling devices that cater to different qualities of products – TelescopeLoader for totes or trays in ledger angle racks and CartonLoader for cartons, totes or trays on shelf racks.

The miniload crane offers single, double and quadruple deep storage as a standard. With maximum height of 24 m, the miniload crane minimizes the warehouse footprint. The great height is complemented by a maximum aisle length of 150 m. This makes the Tornado miniload crane a versatile storage and retrieval system for small loads. 

  • Low operational costs

    The patented light weight mast reduces energy consumption. Furthermore, high build quality minimizes spare parts consumption and maintenance cost.
  • Tailored solution

    The Tornado covers numerous permutations with the standard design but also offers a lot of customization possibilities for special requirements.
  • High throughput

    Excellent dynamics and the optional use of 2 load handling devices on 1 miniload crane provide favorable throughput of he storage system.

What makes Swisslog’s Tornado so unique?

  • Minimized footprint – Miniload cranes can be build up to 24 m high making better use of space. This is complemented by aisle lengths of up to 150 m.
  • Storage density is further improved by short run out zones.
  • System can easily be integrated with other Swisslog subsystems including conveyors, robots and software, thanks to predefined standards.
  • Easy access to drive components for quick service and maintenance thus minimized downtime.
  • Standard and customized versions of load handling devices available.
  • Reduced operational costs thanks to low energy consumption with patented lightweight aluminum construction of the mast.
  • Future-proof concept with CartonLoader in case of unknown future load dimensions.
  • Safe handling of a wide range of goods in terms of type, size, weight and quality.
  • Controls are integral part of Swisslog’s software SynQ. In addition to the core processes you will get access to analytical tools. These will help you to better evaluate and make smart decisions in your warehouse.

Imagine you could automate your warehouse and still be energy efficient? That is what TJ Morris did with Tornado!

Joe Morris, Operations Director bei TJ Morris

Swisslog came to us with a fantastic reputation specialising in the design of flexible solutions and developing systems that would help manage substantial growth.

Joe Morris, Operations Director at TJ Morris