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Fresh and frozen food: Can your warehouse keep up with changing demands?

The food industry is changing fast with new products, convenience meals, organic foods and exclusion diets. Regulators and consumers want to see full Farm to Fork traceability. To compete you need a highly dynamic warehouse and distribution system to cope with higher outputs and shorter change-over times.

Flexible, tailor-made automation for the food industry including cold storage warehousing

Agile and scalable, Swisslog automated warehouse solutions for ambient and frozen food provide the flexibility you need from production to the point of sale.

Designed around the unique requirements of your temperature controlled operation, each installation ensures freshness and quality, while reducing costs and order fulfillment time.

Movie: UNIL, Norway automated its food distribution center

Can you meet the retailer’s just-in-time order requirements and consumer’s ever-changing purchasing habits?

We help manufacturers and distributors meet customer demand and maximize tight sales windows. You manage your storage requirements for fast-moving products and minimize the processing time for order fulfillment based on the latest software driven and robot-based solutions.

Swisslog’s extensive automation experiences in temperature controlled facilities proved very valuable in the completion of the project at this site

Matt Hirsch, President of Primus Builders

Cold&Controlled: Temperature controlled warehouse automation with 3 year ROI

We have developed and installed more than 50 deep-freeze automation systems globally – customized solutions to meet growing demand while generating savings.

The challenges of running a warehouse are magnified in the temperature controlled environment, where standard distribution equipment can’t cope with conditions. We can automate your manual storage, distribution and order picking processes, keeping employees out of the deep-freeze environment, while improving speed and accuracy.

Accrued Savings in as few as three years can pay for your new Swisslog system.

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