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Royal Unibrew, Denmark: A modernized, expanded solution based on strong partnership

Royal Unibrew, Denmark's second-largest brewery, is a leading regional beverage company with strong Nordic, Baltic, Italian, French, Dutch, and Canadian brands. Rapid growth and increased production at its Faxe, Denmark, facility drove Royal Unibrew to modernize and upgrade its automated high bay warehouse. Additionally, a new, synchronized high-bay warehouse was built in Faxe, all in collaboration with Swisslog.

Long and trusting relationship

The relationship with Swisslog dates back to 1999 when Royal Unibrew built its first automated high bay warehouse in Faxe. Since then, the two companies have developed a close collaboration based on professionalism and trust. 

With a good understanding of Royal Unibrew’s facility, conditions, and needs, Swisslog was the clear choice when it came to choosing a partner to modernize and expand.

A smooth process

Only palletized goods are handled in Faxe, eliminating the need for manual picking, and staffing requirements in the facility are minimal.

The key challenge during the construction and installation of the new warehouse facilities, was to avoid negatively impacting daily production. 

A significant amount of planning and logistics work was required to successfully install the new cranes in the old warehouse and build and equip the new warehouse while ensuring that the regular flow continued without disruptions. Together with Swisslog, we have done an excellent job and avoided major disruptions.

Søren Hansen, Warehouse Manager at Royal Unibrew

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