Swisslog as an employer

Whether you are an experienced professional or fresh out of school, you'll find a challenging and inspiring career with us. Swisslog provides you the unique advantage of working in a global organization that provides logistics and healthcare automation solutions to customers all over the world.

Diversity of opportunities

We take pride in our rich diversity. You don't have to fit into a mold at Swisslog. We offer you opportunities to grow and develop every day. We are seeking team members with: strong drive; true commitment; relentless curiosity; the desire to chart their own course; and the passion to deliver innovative solutions through by working with and leading others.

Swisslog is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As a business with diverse clients all over the world, we want to offer that same diversity in the workplace.

Swisslog as a learning organization

At Swisslog, we promote a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing. 


Leadership Development Program

Leadership competence is crucial to our long-term success. The leadership development program is customized to the requirements for each development level and focuses on building new leaders, advancing experienced leaders and helping employees lead and manage change. 


Product and solution training

To create exceptional customer value, our employees benefit from our Swisslog product and solution training, which enables them to determine market and customer needs and provide the right solutions.


Wide variety of individual training

To help our employees achieve both individual and organizational growth, we offer a wide variety of other training experiences, which are assessed individually with each employee.

We are the driving force behind innovations that are shaping the future... Now we're developing the leaders that will shape ours.

Dr. Christian Baur, COO Swisslog Group & CEO Swisslog Logistics Automation

Global opportunities 

Our international network and scale, as a member of the KUKA Group, provide you with the opportunity to work in truly global teams.

collaborate and share across borders, units and functions

work alongside talented, international and diverse individuals

work in other countries, alongside colleagues of other nationalities

Our workplace values

Swisslog is a knowledge-based company. Our technology and the know-how of our employees are key assets. 

Working at Swisslog gives you the opportunity to continuously improve and adapt your skills and knowledge. Individual performance is assessed using a behavioral framework that is based on Swisslog core values:

  • Competence: We pursue excellence in everything we do, and continuously improve and innovate our services and solutions – driven by customer needs.
  • Collaboration: We act with integrity, loyalty, trust, and mutual respect. We work as a team beyond organizational and geographic boundaries to achieve superior results.
  • Commitment: We fulfill our commitments to our customers, our partners, shareholders, and each other. We take responsibility for our actions.
  • Clarity: We have a focused strategy towards our common goals. We are open and clear in our expectations, responsibilities and communication.
Learning and teamwork are Swisslog core values
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