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What is micro-fulfillment?

Colman Roche
den 5 april 2021
Retail & E-Commerce
Lästid: 5 minuter
Learn more during the ProMatDX upcoming virtual presentation, Deploying Micro-Fulfillment for Macro Results
Swisslog vice president of retail and e-commerce sales, Colman Roche, discusses how micro-fulfillment centers are a vital tool for conquering the last mile and bringing fulfillment closer to consumers. He explains how they can be an ideal solution for streamlining e-grocery fulfillment, as well as a broad omni-channel supply chain solution. 
To hear more from Colman about micro-fulfillment, register for his upcoming virtual presentation, Deploying Micro-Fulfillment for Macro Results, at this year’s ProMatDX on Monday, April 12 at 1:30 p.m. CDT.

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Colman Roche

Vice President, E-Commerce/Retail, Swisslog Americas

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