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Medline, USA: Long-term partnership enables speed, efficiency and resilience.

Having a 10-year plus relationship with Swisslog, Medline has implemented 20 AutoStore systems across its network, enabling a boost in order accuracy, while also increasing fulfillment speed and operating flexibility.

AutoStore empowered by Swisslog

The journey with goods-to-person automation

Medline partnered with Swisslog a deployment of AutoStore systems in the U.S., starting with a selection process that led to the implementation of 20 systems across their network. The implementation of AutoStore systems not only improved pick rates by 2 to 4 times but also played a crucial role in enabling next-day delivery to 95% of the U.S. This level of speed and accuracy would have been challenging to achieve without automation, given the scale of operations at Medline. Daniel Schwartz, vice president of engineering at Medline, reflects on their decision: “While AutoStore was new to this market, Swisslog had a proven track record of providing supply chain technology solutions and that gave us the confidence to move forward.”
Medline Pick Stations

The impact of automation 

Looking at the broader impact, Medline's robust automation strategy positioned them as a supply chain leader in the healthcare industry. This leadership role wasn't just about operational efficiency; it contributed significantly to their overall growth and resilience. By scaling their operations without compromising quality, Medline enhanced the reliability of its supply chain, adapting effectively to changing market demands.

Swisslog and AutoStore have been really good partners throughout that process, allowing us to meet changing requirements and strengthen our position as a supply chain leader.

Daniel Schwartz, vice president of engineering at Medline

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