Industry 4.0 logistics in the digital age and Internet of Things IoT

Have you ever thought about how Industry 4.0 could impact your business?

Swisslog’s Industry 4.0 concept ensures tomorrow’s material handling processes today. Thanks to flexible, adaptive logistics solutions, warehouses can improve efficiency in the face of constantly changing market requirements. Backed by KUKA, Swisslog is ready to lead you on the journey to achieving the highest intralogistics performance in a digital age.

New era of flexible, robot-supported and data-driven solutions

The future of warehouse management and distribution centers requires maximum flexibility, full automation, and smart data. Intralogistics is evolving from large, rigid systems into modular, flexible software-driven solutions that are robot-supported and self-optimizing. 

Decades of experience have made Swisslog the technological pioneer in a new era of flexible and data-driven solutions. We have unique Industry 4.0 technological expertise and have developed skilled inhouse software competence.

Kerstin Höfle Industry 4.0
HoloLens technology to design optimum case pick solutions and train operators.

Robot &data based warehousing system for Industry 4.0

Demosystem at HMI exhibition 2017: Together with KUKA, Swisslog is developing Industry 4.0 solutions. Our SynQ software  perfectly orchestrates the largest networked smart factory demonstration in our history. In this example, CarryPick effectively stores and manages raw material for a forward production line.

Movie: Software based and fully automated material handling

Our Industry 4.0 vision to develop the future – now

We continuously strive to improve our products and innovate in–line with market and region demands. We proactively engage with customers in our focus industries. Our SynQ software is a cornerstone in Swisslog’s strategy and vision towards digitalization and Industry 4.0.

Our Industry 4.0 approach:

Data driven innovations to improve warehouse performance

Big data becomes smart

Performance-based business models 

Swisslog's Industry 4.0 solutions are based on our SynQ warehouse management software, which gives you the flexibility to focus on improving and growing your business. We take care of your logistics while you remain focused on your core competences and your customers.

The way to Industry 4.0

  • Data


    Digital event

    Analog events

  • Information




    Give meaning

  • Learning machine





  • Wisdom





  • Decisions





Dr. Kerstin Höfle

Rigid logistics is a thing of the past. We are ready for the journey into the future and will start it together with our customers.

Dr. Kerstin Höfle, Innovation Manager, Swisslog Logistics Automation

Are you ready to start with an Industry 4.0 concept for your business?

We work with you in a workshop to understand your challenges and define potentials. With collaborative brainstorming, we identify how innovative approaches can transform your warehouse with the transparency and efficiency of Industry 4.0. The outcome: clear, step-by-step action plans for your business.

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