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Kruitbosch is a committed and forward thinking family business from Zwolle, The Netherlands. Since 1955, it has been the supplier of a wide range of bicycle related parts and accessories, serving bicycle stores in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The challenge for Swisslog was to install an AutoStore with SynQ software within the existing walls of the warehouse. In addition, the warehouse had to remain operational during the installation. In doing so, the goal was to increase the warehouse's storage capacity, reduce the number of operations during the process and make orders run more smoothly.

30% more storage in the same space

Kruitbosch was looking for a scalable and flexible solution to expand its storage capacity. For this reason, the wholesaler of bicycle parts & accessories turned to Swisslog.

Specifically, as an AutoStore integrator, Swisslog offered this solution together with its own SynQ software as the most suitable for Kruitbosch’s challenges.

The benefits for Kruitbosch

The installation of the AutoStore solution offered many advantages for Kruitbosch. Kruitbosch’s warehouse was able to grow in storage capacity without enlarging the building. The AutoStore also offers a lot of flexibility. This allows Kruitbosch to scale up more easily in peak seasons. In addition, the bulk stock in the remaining warehouse was reduced by increasing the picking stock in the AutoStore. The number of operations between picking and packing has also been reduced. Finally, there has also been a reduction of up to 15% in total packaging by combining large and small parts.

Swisslog's role in the project

  • Design and realization of a compact storage and order picking system.

  • Integration of the AutoStore with implementation of SynQ Software.

As the logistics main contractor, Swisslog was also responsible for the integration of all the systems.

We are very satisfied with how this project went. It was a very pleasant and professional cooperation. The Swisslog employees are real AutoStore specialists who know what they are doing. They kept us well informed and guided us through this project from beginning to end. We were particularly impressed with the quality of the installation and the aftercare offered. As icing on the cake, the short completion date was also fully respected.

Ronald van der Hulst, Project Manager Logistiek at Kruitbosch

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