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AutoStore redline robots on a grid

Swisslog delivered the third AutoStore for Neoperl in Shanghai, China

As simple as building Lego blocks, Swisslog delivered the third automated AutoStore facility in three months for Neoperl in China

Modular AutoStore like “Lego Blocks”

Have you ever wanted to build an automated logistics system like Lego building blocks?

All you need is a grid, a workstation, and a robot, all of which are standardized modules consisting of standard aluminum beams and columns in the X and Y axes. Due to the modular design of AutoStore, the installation process can be assembled very fast, you can build from any corner of the warehouse in any direction, efficient and flexible, to create a high-speed and accurate system.

This year another AutoStore system has been installed in Shanghai, China. This is the third AutoStore system that Swisslog has built for Neoperl, after the previous two facilities in Switzerland and Italy.

Neoperl logo

Background, industry, product and target

The Neoperl Group is an international company with globally oriented production and sales locations. The product portfolio includes highly standardized components for the manufacture of sanitary products, such as bath and kitchen faucets, showers,  fittings, water filters, water meters and valves. Neoperl acts primarily as a supplier to the sanitary industry.

In 2003, Neoperl took its first step into the Chinese market. 


After nearly 20 years of development, the company has entered a phase of growth, and Neoperl's products categories have become diversified, with a significant increase in the number of SKUs and logistics throughput. In order to better meet the growing domestic market demand, Neoperl decided to upgrade its logistics system as a whole in order to provide accurate, efficient and automated fulfillment services to its customers.

Logistics Partner

Neoperl chose a Swisslog AutoStore automated solution. The modular design, high-density storage and its flexible robotic system are the main factors that have attracted Neoperl to keep on repurchasing. The driving force for years of trust-filled cooperation comes not only from the product itself, but also from the guarantee of high availability and stability of the system by the Swisslog team.

The delivery to Neoperl China consists of an AutoStore with 20,000 bins, 10 R5-redline robots, 3 conveyor ports, 2 carousel ports and AutoStore Control Software.

Swisslog China project team entered into site in August 2021, and completed the installation (6 weeks) and commissioning (3 weeks) of the system in only 9 weeks, and successfully brought it go live in November. As mentioned before, just like assembling Lego blocks to put together an AutoStore system, the Neoperl’s AutoStore project quickly completed the installation, commissioning, and ramp up stages in less than three months, and was delivered and handed over in a very short period of time.

As Neoperl’s modern logistics hub, this project integrated with AutoStore Control System (ACS) and the upper system Opacc ERP management software, through the seamless collaboration of the software to integrate unloading, storage buffering, put away, replenishing, picking, packing and shipping processes. 

Competitiveness is not only in logistics hardware, but also in “Soft factor”

For Neoperl, computer science is a process-oriented management and control tool. The establishment of a lean, decentralized organizational structure was ultimately only made possible through the use of information technology.

Opacc as a major partner for the e-business application offers the ERP software family OpaccOne and WebCRM for Neoperl for a long time. With the introduction and further development of the Opacc software, the processes at Neoperl have become increasingly process-oriented.

The decentralized handling of sales and logistics processes requires central monitoring of these processes and, if necessary, central coordination. If, for example, storage heights and purchasing quantities are determined at the location itself, it should be possible to check their development from the headquarters in order to ensure that the branches are ready to deliver.

The software advantage described is the combination of central data storage and decentralized data use. In addition to the central article and address data, client-specific features can be managed.

Future-oriented system underpin business success

Excellent Logistics hardware and tailored IT system has thus become a core competency for Neoperl. It supports Neoperl's business activities and competitiveness in a crucial way. The future-oriented integrated system is the intelligent collaboration of personnel, processes and equipment, the data of the process, the coordination of personnel and equipment operation and operation, the most efficient operation with the most optimal allocation of resources, to help enterprises grow their business and enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

About Neoperl

The Neoperl Group is a German-Swiss company and offers innovative solutions regarding drinking water for the plumbing industry. Neoperl offers a wide range of products including aerators, flow regulators, check valves, connecting hoses, shower hoses, kitchen pull-out hoses, diverters, etc.

About Opacc

As one of the few enterprise software developers, Opacc has combined all competencies from software engineering and project management to customer support under one roof for decades. Experience and know-how from over 20 professional profiles are a permanent source of small and large innovations.

About Swisslog

We shape the future of intralogistics with robotic, data-driven and flexible automated solutions that achieve exceptional value for our customers. Swisslog helps forward-thinking companies optimize the performance of their warehouses and distribution centers with future-ready automation systems and software. Our integrated offering includes consulting, system design and implementation, and lifetime customer support in more than 50 countries.

Swisslog is part of the KUKA Group, a leading global supplier of intelligent automation solutions with more than 14,000 employees worldwide. 

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