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Swisslog's Tornado miniload ASRS crane

Swisslog automation to enable ZKW Group to ramp up production of its automotive headlights.

ZKW Group ASRS Solution
Swisslog, leading provider of best-in-class warehouse automation and software, has announced that the ZKW Group will use Swisslog automation to help increase manufacturing capacity to continue to support growing demand in the automotive industry. The centerpiece of the installation are Tornado miniload cranes from Swisslog. 

The ZKW Group, the specialist for innovative, premium lighting systems and electronics, has partnered with Swisslog to install Tornado miniload cranes, QuickMove conveyor systems and aisle racking in its facility located in Silao, Mexico. The technology will be used to automate the work in progress (WIP) inventory used in the manufacture of headlights, storing the parts until they are needed in the assembly line. The company will also use Swisslog’s SynQ management software to orchestrate the process and support automated flow. 

“The ZKW Group is always focused on state-of-the-art innovation and technologies, continuing to lead the way towards industry 4.0,” said Jan Seumenicht, general plant manager, ZKW Mexico. “Part of our challenges due to our business growth is reflected on in our Phase 2 Expansion project currently under construction. It includes an automatized logistic center which will increase our efficiency level.  After a deep analysis of the different options and scenarios available to us, we realized Swisslog was the ideal choice to provide the smart systems, automation technologies and customized solutions we needed.” 

Tornado miniload cranes are a versatile storage and retrieval system for small loads. They offer a reduced footprint and increased storage density, and are ideal for reserve storage and replenishment of manual picking zones, as well as feeding goods-to-person pick stations directly. The SynQ modular warehouse management system is flexible and adaptable software that intelligently connects and synchronizes intralogistics automation equipment, robotics, people and processes.

“Automating WIP inventory can be one of the most important steps in expanding production capacity, eliminating bottlenecks and increasing efficiency. We look forward to working with ZKW Group to position them for further growth and meet demand for their headlights,” said Grant Beringer, vice president of consumer goods for West & Latin America, Swisslog Logistics Automation. “Automation technologies have become a valuable means to future-proofing supply chains and keeping products, people and business moving forward.”

“We are excited to be working hand-in- hand with Swisslog, implementing this type of innovative automation solution for this pioneer group in Mexico within automotive industry,” said Seumenicht. “We are confident we have chosen the right partner on this trip and we look forward to a positive collaboration and outcome.”

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